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How about for not posting screenshots?? 
Seriously. :) Screenshots my man ... 
That's a really fun map, and pretty decent looking for a first attempt as well! Personally I would tone down the coloured lighting a bit, but that doesn't detract from the neat concept in the slightest. Took me quite a few deaths before I got the hang of it, so I imagine a lot of people might just give up.

You should have waited for the Retrojam4 DLC and released with that!

Also yeh, screenshots are always advisable. 
Nice gameplay concept. I second Text_Fish about the looks, it's surprisingly consistent, considering it's a first attempt. But I don't think you overdone the lights.
No idea how to get to the thunderbolt, the cells and the teleport behind the vore. The best gag was about "touching", really neat, you got me on that.

By all means, GO MAP! 
Whoops. hope it is not too late for screenshots?

Thank, guys.
Well, I had some experience with gtkradiant before - made few crappy maps for q3. So far I like sp quake mapping better - exploration, clear goal and monsters of course.

I'm new here, not sure how Retrojam DLCs work, but it wouldn't fit anyway I'm afraid - doesn't look like e4 at all, not to mention there isn't a single spawn 8)

For thunderbolt and its ammo you jump behind a corner and for teleport behind vor use little ramps on the sides. 
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