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Spellsgate A Q1 Remake Of Q3tourney3
Re-posting from Quake subreddit:

I've been away from Quake 1 for a while and decided to start mapping again. Wanting to learn TrenchBroom, I decided to re-create one of my favorite maps from Quake 3 Arena. A good way to focus on re-learning the mapping process as opposed to obsessing about the design. Map source included. There's a secret that adds a mini-game to the map once you find it.

Here's a download link. Would love feedback keeping in mind the texturing is all over the place thematically!

Screenshot here:
I like it, good fusion of q3a-style layout and q1 retro styles. really dig the combo of orangemet and blue wizardy textures out in the open area. there should definitely be some clip brushes to ease navigation out along the edges where some of the details are, I was getting stuck just wandering around the map and imagine that could skew a firefight.

Also I felt like the central lava pit is really far away, like aesthetically it looks a little off and in terms of gameplay it would take forever to fall all the way down there and then respawn. But overall I really like it, seems like it would make for quite the fun dm. Haven't found the mini-game yet but I'm gonna keep lookin. 
Heck, I'll re-post my comment from reddit too! This is good work. Nice Quake-ish proportions and textures; I also liked the glimpses of areas outside the playfield. 
Johnny Law: did you find the secret?

NarNar noted about the clipping. In play testing it only happened in a few places so i think I got a bit lazy after I addressed the obvious ones. As far as the lava. That was a last minute change from a black void which I really wanted all along. Here's why I changed it: in Quakespasm you would not always die when you hit the trigger_hurt at the bottom! Weird. In darkplaces it worked 100% of the time. I also wanted a long fall for a specific reason... (hint) 

i get it. 
dumptruck_ds: yup :-) 
It's a level you fight Klesk for the first time in the game, right?

I think the level looks really nice and textures well chosen overall. If I would be a func_ nitpick I'd say I'm not sure about the blue metal (unlike NarNar) and maybe you did too much some places outside the arena.

Those are mountains beyond the walls?

I played ("played" - pfff...) against the Reaperbot. Here's a demo: 
adib - thanks for the demo - watching mappers DM is quite entertaining! ;-P

Yes mountains. I was being conservative pushing and pulling vertices. Maybe I could have made them a bit more jagged?

I really like the color blue so no promises next time but I am limiting the texture count on my current map. Much less "noisy" than this one. I was just going wild with TB and experimenting. Thanks for the feedback. 
I've been having a lot of fun with rock formations thanks to this tutorial:

DaZ provided a wad with really nice rock textures for the map jam 6. Search this forum and you'll find it.

But in this case I think you should go for a nice skybox there. 
Even though there's a lot of construction issues with this map it has a very old-school vibe to it that is rather charming. I would really love to see a singleplayer map from you. 
the quake vibe is really strong in this. Aside from the textures, I think one of the key reasons is that you did the lighting using classic techniques (lots of point lights with default attenuation, and you didn't use the sunlight/skylight feature, and no minlight.) The existence of actual black shadows, especially near the sky, helps nail it. 
Haven't tried it yet but I am getting a massive, throbbing oldskool boner from that picture :) 
Can Confirm 
That yes this is indeed proper oldskool, not the fake modern pseudo-oldskool that people try to pass off these days.

Would like to see this map expanded and SP-ised. 
Yes SP-ised! 
it's a great layout even just to have qonquer-style waves of respawning monsters and ammo 
play it in DMSP! 
Good Call! 
DMSP + this map = great times 
Wow. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. What a nice thing to see after having a nasty cold all day.

@5 coming from you I am honored. I plan on some modest SP levels soon. I have always focused on DM but the map jams are really inspiring me to branch out.

@adib I need to bone up on Quakespasm and make sure I can do skyboxes correctly. I will def look into Simonoc's terrain tut.

@kinn I am re-learning a lot of this stuff. I am a sucker for old school look and always fire up the original episodes for ideas. I did go bonkers with the amount of textures on this though. Doing the Levelord trick of features outside of the playing field is a ton of fun and I encourage my fellow newbs to try it.

@metlslime lighting it was the only way i knew how - the irony here is that just today on my latest DM map I was using colored lights for the first time. The tools/options we have available now are quite impressive. 
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