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Post Some Modding Ideas...
I'm trying to get the rust out of my QuakeC, but i'm completely out of ideas for a fun mod. I started a Fallout-ish thing, but that proved to be very difficult with stock QuakeC, without CSQC, and i've decided to let it go for a while. I'm looking to explore FPS game mechanics. So far, i just had a Quake Wars thingie in mind, where your team slowly advances by completing objectives.

Edit: Also feel free to post general mod ideas you would - or indeed wouldn't - like to see in Quake.
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Sounds Good To Me! 
make it so u have a dog sidekick but the dog dies and it's sad :( 
Thought Of A 3rd Person Metroid Mod 
Though something like that would require something like Darkplaces, since MorphBall physics had to be nicely implemented like in the Prime games, and trying to emulate door transitions as connecting two maps together (while knowing two rooms are loaded, including the one the player's in, to, facilitate room transitions).
There's also how the camera works, you'd move around Samus with both directional keys and mouse, where the mouse is the camera. It still works like a FPS, where the character moves along the mouse, but when using directionnal keys the character actually turns to that direction, it gives a 3D Platformer vibe, combined with the character not turning if you move the mouse while standing still.
Also the character model goes transparent if the camera is too close to it. 
How About 
You have to eat the dog.

And then later you learn it had puppies and they're abandoned and you have to carry them with you. But you're really hungry.

If you go without eating then you get weaker and can't fight as well, but if you eat a puppy then it raises your sad meter.

If the sad meter is full then you don't sleep well, which makes you more hungry.

If you play with the puppies then it lowers your sad meter.

The puppies also need to eat; gibs. 
make it so u have a raccoon sidekick but the raccoon accidentally melts its cotton candy in a puddle of water and it's sad :( 
You heartless monster I hate that video and u just triggered me 
I'm offended. 
Can I make a serious observation that the existing "post some mapping ideas" thread should probably be changed into "post some mapping/modding ideas" because it's daft having two threads on basically the same topic 
Because 90% of maps released these days are also mods I guess 
What's next, merging the gaming threads? 
Two Threads Isn't A Problem Isit? 
All the mods I can think of are probably need engine mods as well as QC.

Things like, custom particle effects.

Chains or ropes with physics.

A language to allow for more complex scripted events, etc. 
Oh, but those are technical modifications. I'm just interested in experimenting with gameplay. I don't intend on creating new assets or effects, unless strictly necessary. For example, if i wanted to do a Portal mod (which has already been done), i don't need any new things. I can use the lighting gun and the existing teleporter asset. 
Being Able To Destroy And Later Resurrect Any Entity 
Is something i always wanted to do, but i got some roundabout ways to achieve a similar end, so i do no longer yearn for it.

For example a trigger multiple that is only able to be triggered the second time you pass through it. 
Puzzle Mod 
Where you play as an arch vile and need to revive various monsters in certain order to solve puzzles and beat the map. 
^ Neat 
On the weapon side, I'd like to see a weaker BFG blob as alternate fire of the thunderbold. 
That's a rocket launcher.

Quake needs fewer redundant weapons, not more. 
Thunderbolt Altfire 
could function as the Tempest from Black Ops 3 - a sort of lightning-railgun that electrocutes an enemy, then that enemy acts as a lightning rod for a bit before collapsing, damaging other enemies that get too close.

Fun weapon. 
It would be stronger and slower than a rocket, splashing damage on its path. Not so strong as Doom BFG, maybe 3 rockets? Doom BFG shot damaged like 4 rockets, if I remember. 
Hard To Say 
The Doom BFG had one of the weirdest damage modes of any game. It's essentially an incredibly awkward shotgun: 
Plasma Gun From DoE 
is the weapon you are talking about. Is like a weaker BFG, it just needs the tracking rays while flying to be a complete BFG. 
Quake 2's BFG 
Is what i am talking about. 
^ Yes. 
Quake 1's BFG 
I remodelled the bfg from Dr.Shadowborgh
and was intrigued by the tut for the sprite addon.
Great help making your own weapon. 
Ariadnes Thread 
in a maze, vertical and horizontally. With demons snapping parts of and you have to find a way back through all those candles that have been blown out suddenly.. Chasms reaveal under broken stairs..
Much Kellness, books and blood.

Piranesi and all that.

Im not sure, but there are pages to be found, ripped from an arcane manuscript to mighty to be left intact, but you knew that maybe :P

I call it geocities, "What once bloomed is now dead"
or some other weird net reference, maybe the "big bubble burst of 200800" idk really. 
Mod Idea 
Not super original but here goes: Asymmetrical MP game play mod.

One player or group of players plays Quake Coop normally. Another player is a dungeon master and drops enemies and triggers traps to stop the player. Make it round based with small simple levels for the ADD generation.

Post inspired by this:

I was there when Devine explained this at QuakeCon. I have the recording somewhere... very cool idea. 
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