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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
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I want to be put on some list somewhere.

Am already registered in the forums. 
I want to be put on some list somewhere.

Try walking about the town centre with your schlong out. That should do the trick. 
No Really, How? 
Do I just have to register on the forums? 
Registered Offenders 
Expose yourselves!
See the FAQ on the site. Basically signup, join the appropriate group and post intent.

Anyone may register. For those who don't intend to create a booth or event, all site members may post in the activity stream, comment on booths and news, and participate in groups. 
Registered. Waiting for the email. (No, it isn't in Spam). 
yeah, email no worky. 
wait, there it is. 
I'm Out Dated 
I remembered I joined qexpo2016.

Now all my post end up php402.
I use Chrome, I tried to eliminate all filters, but it won't work.
Quaddicted has the same waybackmachine error.
Maybe my winxp isn't able to clear all new updates. 
Did you mean qexpo2006? I don't see 'MadFox' on the list of 2016 members or pending members. 
Pending Member has promise as a band name. 
Ready Right. 
my id are small words. 
No unrecognized registration names on It was a dream? 
@MadFox or anyone having trouble registering- see my profile for contact. If an old browser won't display the page, though, nothing can be done on this end. 
just the browser.
firefox is fine. 
I Could Host Another Expo 
if that's something anyone would be interested in. 
You may want to consider something sooner than 5 years. 
hehe hello and happy 20th anniversary congrats! 
If the format of the expo is virtual-only, why not basically make it perpetual? The Quake Expo. Period. Everyone would be able to create a booth, and it would stay there, forever, for everyone to see. 
because interest in the game waxes and wanes over time. 
I Know You're Right, Yet... 
(See my answer in the other forum) 
There are already sites to host content permanently. I think something like QExpo should remain a celebration of sorts.

On another note, I don't like this fatalism in another thread. "Last ever"? Meh. 
..It's Been A Nice Expo Indeed 
I'm glad have been part of this celebration :)

But sad not having finished in time other projects of mine 
Much fun to see all events that were exposed.
Almost so exhausting I'm puzzling to find out where all booth's tend to.

That tetris version of the RPG GameKing.
Thanks for the piece of Quake! 
..was expecting more Booths, in 2011 there were 70/80 if I remember well 
It Was A Nice Expo 
And while I would've loved to make a second level for my mod as intended, I am happy to have been part of it. 
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