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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
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I tried getting people on board last year already but resonance was 0.0001. You can find some ideas and braindumps in the forum after you register (I want to let people avoid spoilers and wait for surprises instead).

So, who is in? I lost the majority of motivation last year because apparently no one shared my grandiose visions but I still have things planned and done. It would be great if we could form an active group of collaborators (spanning communities) to get some worthy celebrations going. 
when is the planned date(s)? 
If any Arcadim map jams should happen to coincide with QExpo, that would get me interested for certain. Just saying. 
meh, tried to register but apparently someone with my ip registered within an hour and it didn't let me. 
Try again, it's a problem on the server end. 
I gots the same error :( 
Same Error Here. 
Rip Expo 
I'm Getting The Same Error As Well 
too dumb to configure servers 
Try Again Now... 
btw, I kinda volunteer to do the hosting... 
I'm also interested but it'll depend on the deadline. 
June 22nd is Quake's birthday.

If you want to make a map or something special, plan to be done before then. Roughly 5 months of time from now to do something. Heck, plan on being done 4 months from now, and give yourself time to do a Jam map on the side.

Lots of mappers have missed Qexpo deadlines in the past... but this is a big anniversary, and you'll kick yourself if you miss it! 
It's a unique chance to get outsiders and big media take a look at us. We better make sure we present us well. 
4-5 months, I could probably commit to doing an AD level ... 
Let's not kid ourselves too much about outside coverage btw.

At most, we might get a mention as a curiosity "weirdos still playing that brown game with shitty single player and multiplayer long surpassed by Quake3". If some Oculus Rift version of Quake comes out, or someone ports E1M1 to UE4, those will get more coverage than any mod content for the actual game of Quake.

Don't fool yourself about what the perception of Quake is to most gamers. Make cool stuff for the people actually playing Quake and for yourself, and you won't be disappointed. 
I mean, if Arcane Dimensions didn't generate a ton of outside exposure then ... yeah ... 
Scampss.... there's already an oculus version of quake! 
Romero could shart out a new map that looks like it came from 1997 and it would make mainstream news channels. 
That's a bit harsh... romeros new doom map was a fun little romp. He still knows how to make a good map. 
You know about my plans already. 
Wasn't Quake the reason he left iD? Not sure if he has fond memories of Quake. 
He was fired 2 months after Quake's release. 
Must be a sweet memory.

Anyways, yes, let's hype this thing. 
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