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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
I tried getting people on board last year already but resonance was 0.0001. You can find some ideas and braindumps in the forum after you register (I want to let people avoid spoilers and wait for surprises instead).

So, who is in? I lost the majority of motivation last year because apparently no one shared my grandiose visions but I still have things planned and done. It would be great if we could form an active group of collaborators (spanning communities) to get some worthy celebrations going. 
when is the planned date(s)? 
If any Arcadim map jams should happen to coincide with QExpo, that would get me interested for certain. Just saying. 
meh, tried to register but apparently someone with my ip registered within an hour and it didn't let me. 
Try again, it's a problem on the server end. 
I gots the same error :( 
Same Error Here. 
Rip Expo 
I'm Getting The Same Error As Well 
too dumb to configure servers 
Try Again Now... 
btw, I kinda volunteer to do the hosting... 
I'm also interested but it'll depend on the deadline. 
June 22nd is Quake's birthday.

If you want to make a map or something special, plan to be done before then. Roughly 5 months of time from now to do something. Heck, plan on being done 4 months from now, and give yourself time to do a Jam map on the side.

Lots of mappers have missed Qexpo deadlines in the past... but this is a big anniversary, and you'll kick yourself if you miss it! 
It's a unique chance to get outsiders and big media take a look at us. We better make sure we present us well. 
4-5 months, I could probably commit to doing an AD level ... 
Let's not kid ourselves too much about outside coverage btw.

At most, we might get a mention as a curiosity "weirdos still playing that brown game with shitty single player and multiplayer long surpassed by Quake3". If some Oculus Rift version of Quake comes out, or someone ports E1M1 to UE4, those will get more coverage than any mod content for the actual game of Quake.

Don't fool yourself about what the perception of Quake is to most gamers. Make cool stuff for the people actually playing Quake and for yourself, and you won't be disappointed. 
I mean, if Arcane Dimensions didn't generate a ton of outside exposure then ... yeah ... 
Scampss.... there's already an oculus version of quake! 
Romero could shart out a new map that looks like it came from 1997 and it would make mainstream news channels. 
That's a bit harsh... romeros new doom map was a fun little romp. He still knows how to make a good map. 
You know about my plans already. 
Wasn't Quake the reason he left iD? Not sure if he has fond memories of Quake. 
He was fired 2 months after Quake's release. 
Must be a sweet memory.

Anyways, yes, let's hype this thing. 
I Might Do Something 
I'm In 
I'm maturing my engine work anyway, so if Retroquad gets good enough for a public release by then, this should be my contribution. 
I Am In 
I want to say that every few years since 1996 I've re-visited the Quake modding/mapping scene and at least 2 of those times it was because of QuakeExpo. Don't underestimate the effect this can have in re-vitalizing the community for a few months or years.

Scampie and JneereZ - As far as AD not garnering attention. I just saw the first post about AD on FB today. If you want an audience you have to go out to that audience. There's not even a website or domain for AD that I am aware of. The promotional factor was zero. Maybe by design? I think your hard work should be played by a lot more people tho! If you point them in the right direction - maybe post some "Let's Play" for the kiddies.

or Reddit - someone could have asked us to all spam the quake subreddit to add our voices to the conversation. Heck Daz was the original poster on Reddit. Was he involved with the development? 
I'll Try To Finish Razenkrauft So It Will Meet The Deadline 
You might consider a different name. I know it's supposed to sound german, but it's a nonsensical word. That would be fine, but to my ears it just sounds funny, and I don't think it's what you're going for. It's not ominous / evil like Zerst�rer or Doppelg�nger or other loanwords that are used in the english language, it's just silly.

Or maybe it has some other meaning that I'm not aware of? 
Sleep - Here, have an 'e'. 
I tried something that sounds german, yes.
Aside from the human installations, there's castle ruins and an underground greek temple.

...yeah, if anything I'll take another name, but Razenkrauft was the only name I could think of. This would be associated with a lion, because I'm using Deathmatch Classic's wad, which has that lion face texture, and it really caught my attention.
Maybe The Lion Gatekeeper/L�we H�terin? 
Something That Could At Least Be Said With One Word 
German sounding words are fun to my ears. One of the more fun languages to listen to because of the almost onomatopoeic visceral-ness of them 
If you gave me a bit more to go on (maybe in a different threat or via email), I could find a word that works better and fits with the theme of the mod. 
Sounds good, but sounds a bit goofy when translated (Strudel Castle Owner, more on the strudel part).

Would L�weschlossher (Lion castle owner) or just schlossher do it? 
'lion' Is A Lame Word 
Why not something like a claw, or a tooth? 
Go With Magyar Instead Of Deutsch 
sounds funny too and there is less possibilities of someone knowing what you wrote means. 
Does It 
even matter if it's not a correct word ?
It's a creative endeavour, not a translation job. 
"Mapped With The W�rldkraften Editor!" 
And Cocerello: Too bad my family never taught me Magyar. It's a lovely exotic-sounding language. 
It Matters If It Sounds Silly 
L�weschlossherr is also nonsensical. Schlossherr is not bad. Komtur has a similar meaning, knight commander. But so far it just seems like you're looking for some word that sounds german. What is the mod about? Can you give some more details?

Mankrip: Weltkraft! That actually sounds like a Nazi term. 
Way To Derail Spirit's Thread 
The upcoming Vermintide DLC is called "Schl�sselschloss" which is both wordplay and wtfplay. 
Yeah Fickteuchalledamminommal 
Not That Exotic 
but i got accustomed to using the real name of places and languages due to some circumstance, which i suppose its why you see it as exotic. So i use for example Deutschland instead of Germany, Ellada instead of Greece, or Magyarorsk instead of Hungary.
So magyar is the most used language in what you would call Hungary, quite close to the area of influence of the language Daya was using, that's why i proposed it, apart from what i said in the previous language.
In my ears it sounds almost as strongly and funny as deutsch, but has some playful part that i like, every time i heard it on the subway in Budapest, or when i take a book. I have heard that it has the hardest grammatic for when learning, but i never got that far into it to be sure of that.

#42 Not really, but he wanted to do that, so, in my case, i tend to just help people in the direction they want to as long i don't foresee a disaster, as it can lead to results i can't see. 
Daya Some Inspiration

or keep your current name - it's fine. 
Schlossherr It Will Be 
On The Theme Of Derailing 
We adopted a kitten and my son named it Starscream. 
that's great. when it scratches the furniture for the fourth time, you can be like "you disappoint me yet again, starscream!". 
Trenchbroom 2, by the way, would be a hit at Quake Expo, probably one of the biggest. 
3rd In A Row!! 
Sorry =~(

Maybe a good motto would be "you owe Quake". I mean, this first person 3D fun you're having now is because onc there was Quake. How many games will be so young at 20? How many gamedev careers Quake started? Personal testimonies. 
You Owe Quake really an interesting idea. So true. 
TB2 For Expo 
TB2 will very likely be done before the expo. We could have the public beta phase and I could time it so that the official release is during the expo, yes. 
Some sort of live stream map jam using TB2 would be a neat event that might draw exposure. 4-5 mappers, all twitch streaming at once, working on Quake maps in TB2. 
TB2 has been shown briefly in a couple of my mapping streams, people seem to dig it :) 
But What If It Crashes 
I've told people it's a beta... 
It's Been A While 
Since TB2 crashed on me. Don't jinx it. =D 
Yeah It's Getting Better. 
To be honest I think I did get a whole bunch of crashes on TB2 on one stream where I was trying to show off bending pipes and I think you patched the issue a day later.

All my streams have been using TB1 and the interest is always there, usually I get a few doom mappers/players asking questions and showing interest. 
You mean we can download TB2 already? 
Not Publicly. 
Also I call bullshit on #17. Just because people don't bother advertising/noob-baiting does not mean that we could not get some pretty great press. There were several big articles about modern Quake stuff in the recent past.

#54 is a great idea. I had the thought of contacting artists who come from a Quake/id fan-art background and try to motivate them for some Quake stuff.

Anyways, no one from here interested in getting on board with the actual hard work of organising? 
@Daya Zollerngraf 
On the topic of making what we do more visible to people outside of this message board I think we have a long way to go.

People outside of this forum think the modern Quake scene consists of playing through the standard id levels in DarkPlaces using eye-gougingly awful texture replacements and face-meltingly shit lighting effects (and even worse, they think these improve the game).

They have largely no idea that there are absolutely tons of incredible single-player maps made by people with actual taste and aesthetic sense out there waiting to played.

Daz is doing great work with his channel though. 
I Think 
We badly need a package that contains a good cross platform engine port for SP (QuakeSpasm or Mark V) and a tool like QuakeInjector, only easier to use and with more pretties. Or even better, integrate finding and downloading levels into the engine, even though that might be overkill. But I think that giving people an easy way to access the vast number of levels which are availably at Quaketastic is key to increasing our audience.

This is not a jab at Quakeinjector. It's a great tool, but I don't think it's very inviting. It requires Java, and the UI is functional at best. It should be much simpler and a bit less "technical". On top of that, it could include some sort of managed content that gets updated from the internet such as a level of the week, list of new releases, etc. I know some of these functions are there in Quakeinjector, but it needs to be dumbed down and made more pretty, and it needs to run out of the box on all major platforms without any dependencies.

The only hurdle then is to get people to buy / download the full game if they don't have it. Maybe there's a simple way to do this, too? Maybe we should have a website where there's a three step guide to playing Quake and all the SP releases: 1. Buy Quake on GOG, 2. Download and install our package, 3. Download and play the free SP releases.

If I had more time, I would build such a package. Maybe in the future. Or maybe someone wants to team up? 
Or even better, integrate finding and downloading levels into the engine, even though that might be overkill.

Baker is smirking somewhere. See the latest MarkV!

I totally agree about the Quake Injector being not perfect and the need for easy packaging. An actively developed Python version (compiled to standalone executables) would rule. 
My Dream Is 
when I type map xxxx in console it downloads instantly from quaddicted if I don't have in my maps directory already. 
and if it doesn't exist on quaddicted it should procedurally generate a new map that best matches what you typed. 
OTP is generating complete horrors... "horse cocks" "tax returns" "house of naked thatcher" 
and if it doesn't exist on quaddicted it should procedurally generate a new map that best matches what you typed.

I'd be fine if it just loads random AD map in that case =) 
Yes, Python Would Be Good 
There are python bindings for wxWidgets (and I'm sure QT as well), so it could have a nice multiplatform GUI. 
a dream version of this would be a netflix-like interface where you can browse levels, has sections to promote the best and newest levels, and somehow is able to download and launch the level in an engine, from clicking on it in the browser UI. 
Yes, That Was My Vision, Too 
Maybe a web-based version is possible, too. I think you should be able to register handlers with the respective OS such that clicking on a particular link launches an app. I think Apple does this with iTunes, where any link starting with itunes:// opens iTunes. So this is possible on Mac OS X, I'm sure Windows has an equivalent. Not sure about the different Linux flavors though. 
maybe if quaddicted had a webservice available to retrieve stuff from its database somehow? then another website could draw data out of there. 
what API does the quake injector use? 
Simple Quake Launcher Would Be A Good Start 
Couldn't you take SQL's UI and add support for downloading and installing from Quaddicted's web archives automagically?

The install could come with the latest version of Quakespasm or ??? as an optional install or the user could use SQL's selection.

Also SleepWalkR steam has a similar fuctionality

Could there be an early access product on Steam that accomplishes all this? I assume there's a lot of eye rolling at the mention of steam but the potential audience is massive. 
Quaddicted in Netflix format, yes! A browser-based application.


no one from here interested in getting on board with the actual hard work of organising?

E-mail telling me how, please. 
If I Find The Time 
I'll release some all-new illegal noobish hack content for teh 20yr anniversary. 
(Started a thread elsewhere linking back to here to try to raise awareness of the need for volunteers.) 
no one from here interested in getting on board with the actual hard work of organising?

I've registered and posted a couple of comments and a specific question on the Qexpo board and I've gotten no responses there. 
adib: Anything on the side of organising or running really. Not projects but the admin stuff. Maintaining website, posting news, spreading them etc.

dumbtruck: Sorry, that was specific project stuff. That's much more relaxed. I will get back to you at some point =) 
I think I'm going to be doing a 20 video series where I pick *my favourite* level from each year, with the 20th video going live on Quakes birthday.

That is the plan anyway, that's a lot of videos to make! 
That would be great! 
The Decision Making Would Break You 
Better to have something like Best of 5 or so. Feasability depends on what you're going for, though - actual CG or just fly-throughs. 
I Heard You Want New Quake Injector

It uses Qt/C++, has BSD license, crossplatform (at least it compiles and runs on windows and osx). No binaries ATM, sorry.
Bugfixes and pull requests are welcome.

It can search&sort the database, show info&dependencies for map archives, download&extract them from the quaddicted, run maps listed in an archive (in quaddicted xml actually), show about dialog.

It needs dependency resolution, uninstall routines, an icon, and maybe installed/downloading tracking to be on par with quakeinjector.

Then it's up to Spirit&Co to add some nice stuff to quaddicted so the software could use that (like rating maps from the client or filtering maps you not rated yet, and quake://archive/mapname/ URLs).

ETA of feature complete beta is autumn/winter 2016, I need some time to get bored with the new doom.

If I can't pull this off by that date then "when it's done" is a pretty accurate release date. 
Better to have something like Best of 5 or so

Or even 10. It would be nice to have a year in review video where you speak about the most memorable levels of that year, showing footage and speaking about the highlights of each level, not just a simple playthrough the whole level. One level for each year is really not enough to see the whole picture of 20 years of quake mapping scene. 
That would be an unrealistic amount of work, considering how long even a single CG video takes. And then 20 videos with 200 maps? Part of the reason I suggested fly-throughs like in the intro to each CG episode rather than full reviews.
Hardest part is deciding which maps to use, of course.

AAS: Nice one. 
What would be nice, but equally unrealistic, is a redesign of Quaddicted to be less quirky and hacky and more slick and streamlined/userfriendly. And less pink!
Not only the frontpage, also and especially the map list which, right now, is quite a mess. 
No, quirkyness is good. The pink is equally good. Don't make it look like ever other site.

What I would agree with though is some polish in the presentation of the front page. More and bigger images. More distinct text areas so people would faster see what is what. 
And then 20 videos with 200 maps? Part of the reason I suggested fly-throughs like in the intro to each CG episode rather than full reviews.

Yep, that was what I meant - 3-5 minutes per map in each video.

Not only the frontpage, also and especially the map list which, right now, is quite a mess.

True, at least the default sorting should be by release date. 
Agree that default sort should put newest maps on top 
Quaddicted is half self-written, half wiki. The self-written part is FOSS and patches are welcome:

Not as unrealistic as you think but I have too many things to do in Quake world so I rather focus on other stuff. The bad usability and publicity of Quake is a bigger problem than Quaddicted's quirkiness. 
And AAS 
That is bloody wonderful, even though it's C++! ;)

If you want I could upload the original design document somewhere.

Ah yes, a proper API. To-do list #42 or something. :( These days I would really like to give up the website stuff and focus on the archives. We badly need more web developers in our community. 
Oh, it would be nice to see other's ideas in easy-stealing form (: 
AAS gone in a day. This is verbatim gibberish from 7 years ago, take what makes sense (probably not much). 
Since I wouldn't want to organist it all myself, I have decided that I am not organizing QExpo 2016. I will work on my own projects and that's it.

I offer hosting (OpenVZ container) and pointing the domain somewhere (not for "QIN" for obvious reasons). You will have to show me a proper plan and "architecture". Otherwise I will simply put up archives of the old QExpos at the domain and that's it. 
Ah, Shame 
But I understand. 
Oh No 
So it looks there won't be any Qexpo2016... sigh
However I don't know if could have finish my works for that date :) 
it's a lot of work, definitely not something i would want to do.

i'll still try to get something out around june though... 
+100 to Spirit

I think Spirit does more than enough already. 
Do you still help him out, I take it? 
He 'assists' me 'manually as we say in Germany. ;););)

I have 3 of the good old rusty Quake runes left if someone wants to run contests. 
How About 
A prize for past offenders if they manage not to put URLs in post titles for one year?

Seriously though, it's a damn shame that the community is not going to do some coordinated events for Quake's anniversary. Maybe it doesn't have to be something as ambitions as a QExpo. I'm still down for TB2 release in June, and it appears that others are doing stuff also. Maybe we can do something smaller that causes less work for everyone? In the very least, we could set up a blog that highlights the anniversary related stuff that's happening. 
I vote we make a chain episode, nothing hyper detailed.

I have a few maps that are finished for my episode that I can contribute.

I also have a couple of big maps that should be done for the quake anniversary 
But also having some extra publicity would be nice. 
Runes You Say?? 
I would love to win another Quake rune, just so I can show Frik at the office that I'm one-up on him.

That would be glorious ... 
Chain episode sounds nice. 
I don't mind plugging on my tumblr but there's nothing to plug yet :P

It's an image-centric site and even a logo would help with links to whatever forum to organise stuff. Honestly I feel the Quake community is stupidly fragmented compared to Doom (which just has Doomworld mostly). It makes it hard to be organised. 
Chain Episode 
one more vote.

Also one more vote to Baker:

+100 to Spirit

I think Spirit does more than enough already.


Don't seem to keep hard feelings about Quake, he twitted about 20 years of QTest these days. He'll probably mention something about 20 years of Quake as well. He should know about QExpo at some point. 
We could create Patreon for someone who will organize QExpo. 
visited some of the old sites. Does anyone know if the files for arcade quake from qexpo 2008 are available somewhere? 
no sources unfortunately. 
Omg This Is Awesome 
thanks for finding the download. to bad the sources are missing :( 
In Store 
I have almost the whole directort of QExpo2008 & 2010.
Me idiot, more than 11.4 Gb.

Vote for QuakeExpo2010! 
I ment 2016
Re: Adib 
I wrote to Romero a while after he made his Doom map with some comments on his maps in Doom and Quake and asking if he would ever make a Quake map again. He said he was too busy with his upcoming FPS, but yeah he would probably be interested to hear about a new QEXPO. I still find his original idea for Quake interesting and his maps some of the best. 
Gimme dat! I mean could you please upload the source package for arcade quake somewhere? 
Arcade quake? Isn't that Quake Team Arena? 
Quaddicted has a link to Quake Arcade Tournament.

You can download the "quakeat.chd", there is a manual Spirit managed to read the image. Quiet a large file, but you could try to examine. 
He's talking about Arcade Quake - platformer mod 
The arcade machines ran an early obscure graphics card if I remember correctly.

I looked into this a bit back, to get it working you need a security key dongle thingy. I zoomed in on the image on the manual, I reckon it's a sentinel dongle (there are a few versions though).

I did download a emulator for the dongle once, although it seemed to want an existing piece of hardware to emulate first.

If somebody with more patience than me wanted to have a go again, they might have more luck. 

has a bunch of links, some to the sentinel thingy that look promising too. 
for all the OT discussion.

if I understand your post #121 correctly you have a backup of the qexpo08 files? Could you look if you find a file called arcQuake_QE2008_devpack.7z and maybe upload it? 
I have all of it, remind me. 
Quake1ArcadePack Demo 2008 
You're luvky, flp!

I updated quaketastic with the
It has the demo and the dev kit included. 
Flat Shooter 
I had to go deep into my dungeon to find that kinky file.
I remember earlier someone asking for it but I had something like .., whatever. Then I discovered there were only demo files of it and no devkit so your question made me wonder.

I remember playing that "flat" quake, as there was a top quake also ("don't take prisoners" I think) but I had a hard time with the defkit.
I included the sdl version so it's not so smudgy with video cards.
Also GtRadiant 1.5 in there, and a sourcescanner with convertion opportunities to export Def, Ent and .FGD files.

Changing the editor.pk3 into was an easy way to open the md2 models. Found nice base models of in there, some are rare editions.

Would be great to make a map theme with it.
Really a challenge to get that arcade thingy. 
It would be fun to have some form of event, even if it is more limited in scope than what we used to see in QExpo. I'd be interested in working (a little) on one or two small projects I have.

From the look of this and Celephais's forum, it does not look like anyone is ready to shoulder organisation. I'm unfortunately too busy in both my professional and personal life to really be able to help much.

It would be nice, I think, if - whatever ends up being decided - the "event" (even a small one) happens during a defined period of time. Releases spread over the whole year will get extremely little coverage and the lack of a deadline will mean most people won't be able to get motivated to get anything done mod-, engine- or map-wise ;-)

One could maybe imagine an (weeklong?) event in the form of a Facebook group which people (who might have to get clearance first) could post their own news on? The facebook page could be set up quickly and be used for people to simply chat and discuss their project (possibly months) prior to the "event," then (hopefully) a few more special things could happen during it (besides news of map/mod release and such), like online matches, or Twitch videos? The main organizational burden for the site itself would be to keep an eye on posters and posts, make sure things don't get out of control, and give clearance to the right people. Individuals will be free to set up their own sub-event (say, like a speedmodding session, for example) and make an announcement about it. Nothing will be actually "hosted" on Facebook, which is a little sad, but it's better than no site at all...
I mentioned Facebook, but you guys might know of better sites.

Spirit killed it. 
Quaddicted Would Be The Best Place To Host It TBH 
All they would need to do would be to make a different front page for a week, in blog style. Contributors do their own text and screen shots which get posted daily. With links to the downloads.

The scope of the original plan was awesome, but too ambitious for "old" working folk. 
Just set up a shared blog somewhere and make me point the domain at it. My offer to provide a vm/container still stands. Feel welcome to 'abuse' the quake wiki or quaddicted, it's partially a wiki too and I could enable editing rights for everyone. 
Yeah, Facebook Was Actually A Terrible Idea. 
QBism was just talking about Wordpress on I3D, which goes hand in hand with what you were thinking, Shamblernaut.

Dates? Would people really want June? It seems so close! I'm not quite sure I could produce a ton until then, I have to admit.

We should also definitely make a "serious" head count. Who is interested? What is that person going to do? How committed is he/she? A simple list would give us a sense if it's worth spending energies on it.

Maybe we could pitch it as a form of "class reunion" and bring some of the older folks in.
I also really like the idea of these "You owe Quake" interviews... 
A few years ago I set up a shared blog at the shop. Works well, but talking 10 authors rather than 100. Wordpress does a good job of automatically sorting by category, cross-indexing by tags, and allowing tasks to be shared.

The wiki idea is also appealing from the viewpoint of collecting and preserving information. Plus, it already exists. Is there such a thing as a 'wiki jam'? 
I Suggested Blog Format 
But not necessarily a blog itself. The benefit being having a list of posts by date on one page. It should keep everything simple.

As for wiki editing, I've never done that before. But if it is simple, it seems like the best method to me.

I have a wordpress blog myself and the GUI is so simple a 7 year old could learn it. Does the wiki have a similar editor?

@CocoT there is space for social media, and that is spamming the hell out of the website so we get traffic. Otherwise we'll just be doing this for ourselves and may as well just do it here. 
Back After Weeks Of Moving-out BS 
Hopefully now I'll be more productive and at least make 2 playable levels as a demo version for D-Day.

But then I'm reading the thread after a while and I'd like to have some clarification on things.

*Seems like the QExpo won't take place, but there's still talk about hostings? What will it be?
*What is the organisation for the people who want to host their work for the day QExpo launches, if it's still a thing? 
Proposed Qexpo Schedule 
Announcement and site opens: June 22 (Quake anniversary)

Registration opens: June 22 or at least within a month

Qexpo dates: two weeks, August 27 to Sept 10

This would be similar to the schedule of the very successful 2008 qexpo, although that one lasted 4 weeks, arguably too long.

By contrast, the 2011 qexpo was announced early April and occurred June 22 with a one-week schedule. So that is not impossible, and there'something to be said about short-and-sweet, but it would be a challenging time frame for both organizers and attendees.

I've developed a prototype site which may be ready for design and admin help and/or small testing group in a couple weeks. ...or I'm willing to help someone else who wants to build the site. 
I Like That 
QExpo08 was awesome and the closer we can get to that level the better. My thoughts about a timeline:

- What's the difference between opening the site and opening the registration?

- The 2006 expo was two weeks, which is probably optimal, since 08 was too long and 11 was over before anybody realised. I'm guessing the opening date was chosen because it's a Saturday?

- I know some rudimentary html/css/php/etc and am a resilient tester of stuff, when would I be needed to help? 
June will be when all media attention is on Quake. It would be the time to actually have the qexpo in my opinion. 
What Media Attention Lol 
All Doom got for its 20th birthday was a bunch of articles, Quake is not going to get IEM levels of exposure. 
We need to do this primarily for ourselves, no serious media attention will come unprompted. 
Yes, could use css help for color/font issues. See my profile for email. Or anyone who wants to help set this up. Needed-

Logo/header/page background art.

WordPress or general CMS experience if anyone wants to admin or assist with configuration/ moderation/ user support.

Editor-in-chief to oversee news and articles. 
Will contact you within 24h. 
Caveat Emptor 
Beware, he is offering 24h.

So he might be trying to pawn off a healthbox.

And not a very fresh one. They usually come with 25h.

Except the ones that don't flicker. Those rotten ones only come with 15h. 
Bsp2 Nightmare Loop 
That savegame so close to the exit, but with only 24h. Get the shamblers this time, this time... next time... 
Summer Qexpo 
Announcement and site opens: June 22 (Quake anniversary)

Registration opens: June 22 or at least within a month

Qexpo dates: two weeks, August 27 to Sept 10 
Forget The Previous Post 
Announcement and site opens: June 22 (Quake anniversary)

Registration opens: June 22 or at least within a month

Qexpo dates: two weeks, August 27 to Sept 10 
Wait, I Can't Edit This Thing? :P 
Celephais keeps on giving me problems - so here it is: 
If a groundswell of support had occurred during call-to-arms back in December- February range with commitment to the date, we'd have a good shot at a June expo. I don't know... if there was existing strong effort in a different direction I'd pitch-in. Certainly SOMETHING should happen on that date to get folks excited.

An exiting thing happening at quakecon in early August is a major quakeworld tournament. An example of something to build on. 
Having some shell of a website up a little before the anniversary date would help getting the ball rolling for sure, and hopefully help people realize this might actually be happening.
Both Celephais and I3D haven't exactly been teeming with responses on the subject, though, so I don't know... It'd be nice if the people interested in it clearly stepped forward so we can do a head count and get a sense whether or not it's worth the effort.
I feel I might like to release something no matter what, but it doesn't sound as exciting if it happens on my personal Q1 site with its average of 5 visits a day... :P 
I think people are interested.

But what you really need to do is create a registration thread here titled

"Quake 2016 20 - Anniversary Registration (June 22 2016)"

URL (What is it?)

Run by: Cocot + qbism (more volunteers needed!)

"If you plan or ancipate releasing a project or need a page for Quake announce your intent here so we can plan accordingly."

(I mean create a loud and clear communication thread). 
(And then post basically the same thing at,, and depending if you are including Q2 whatever the Q2 places are (tastyspleen?) and (possibly in the Steam Quake 1 forum too??)

You might also state what Quake games Q1? Q2? Any Quake? QuakeLive (probably shouldn't lest you acquire a Steam newbie horde uninterested in the classics)?)

/One opinion, probably wrong like usualy ;-) 
Wait, What? I'm Running It? 
I wish I could "run" it, but I unfortunately really cannot make the commitment. I might be able (and certainly willing) to help a little organization-wise, but it's going to be pretty limited. I can't shoulder running it, even in a secondary position.
A new thread might help, but we need to make it clear that help with organization is also needed. I wouldn't want people to get their hopes up if we can't even be sure a site will up and running.
QBism: What exactly can you commit to? :)

I'm guessing we'd go for the 3 Quakes again, right, like in previous QExpo's? I personally don't care about QuakeLive either way. 
... Which I Guess Is What You Meant By 
"more volunteers needed" :) 
Should we have an official youtube channel with previews of the releases?

Spirit, how do you feel about using the quaddicted youtube for that? 
That would be weird but if you want I will see if access can be shared for that?

If someone wants to join just shout, I want to leave it behind. 
I can help. 
Official Dates

May 14: Registration opens.

Saturday, July 16 to Saturday, July 30: Quake Expo.

Hopefully this schedule annoys everyone equally... those who wanted it sooner, and those who wanted it later. And we can have something helpful prepared on the site for June 22, especially newcomers wondering where to start.

mankrip, check your email :)

If anyone would like to volunteer, or just kick the tires on the site, please email me (see profile) or PM on insideqc or quakeone.

Site roles needing volunteers: moderator, editor, news posters, FAQ/ help booth guru. The editor will help booth authors and release booths for posting at the start of the expo. 
I Have An Idea 
We could make a small map pack to celebrate Quake's 20th birthday.

It's been years since I've stopped working on the Dreamcast port of the Makaqu engine, but it's pretty popular among Dreamcast users. With my current skills I should be able to improve its performance a lot.

We can make a single player episode, add some custom music, some custom monsters/items/etc, and release it as a selfboot CD image with modding tools and other stuff. We could call it the "QExpo's 20th Quake Birthday pack", advertising the expo on the readme files and on the start map of the pack.

Dreamcast dedicated websites would pick this up very quickly, helping other retro gaming communities to find out about QExpo. People would love a pack with the improved modding tools we've got nowadays; this would help them to make new Quake stuff for the Dreamcast and other retro platforms, and they would join the Quake communities to learn. Sure, it wouldn't be many people, but there are some very dedicated people in retro console communities.

Constraints: The Dreamcast port has only 10 MB of heapsize, no expanded limits, no colored lighting and no fog. Also, since it must be distributed in a very specific CD image format to work in the Dreamcast, which doesn't allow extra sessions to be added to the disc, we can't count on the users including their own PAK1.PAK on the disc, so we can't use content from the registered version of Quake in this pack. However, we can use replacement models, sounds, new monsters and so on to spice things up.

What's needed:

Mappers. To make the work easier, the maps could be remixes of previous custom maps, since most people outside of the Quake communities don't know about them yet.

Assets: Models as detailed as Skiffy's shambler and Capnbubs' grunt are fine.

I can handle the engine coding, the CD image creation, and get in touch with the Dreamcast communities. I can also help with some QC coding and other things.

This would be like a "retrojam-styled Arcane Dimensions", packing a number of custom game features in a more minimalistic way.

I'll be on vacation next month, so it should be doable. 
mankrip: For Facebook? Just sent a message to the page, then I will add you as admin tomorrow. 
DC Content (and Webquake) 
Had same dilemma when posting a free-standing FlashQuake years ago. I used oqplus- By now there may be additional unencumbered stuff out there.

Multiplayer (no monsters) but can add frikbot and various open-source maps. Maps require retexture with OS textures.

BTW, has anyone got a line on interviewing Adrian Carmack or John Romero for the expo regarding their upcoming game? 
I Could Ask Romero 
Earlier this year I wrote him with some thoughts on his level design in Doom and Quake and he wrote me back pretty quickly, though noting that in general he's pretty busy with this upcoming game.

Other than that I don't expect to be able to contribute much to a possible QEXPO, though I'm glad it's happening. I've got something in the works but it won't be ready by then. Hopefully I'll have some good screenshots then I'll just post that and some kind of coherent request for help with the larger Drake project. 
Why do you want to leave the Facebook group behind?

As for people, well Romero and Adrian would both be VERY busy now. Carmack is probably pretty busy with Oculus, but not as busy before. McGee and Petersen are both at normal availability I'd assume. McGee is reachable on Twitter, he Favorites the bad jokes I tweet at him once in a while.

Meanwhile I'm just standing back staring surreally at what my life was like a decade ago when I did the 2006 QExpo. And the changes it brought about are why I don't have the time to do it this time... 
It did not become what I hoped for (regular posts from the team) plus Facebook changed its settings so only a fraction of the people see the posts so the hype is gone. 
Good To Know 
I wondered why it wasn't used more often, and thought the team didn't want to seem spammy. 
I'd not been good about updating it, though, I'm not a News Maker myself, so I only posted when I found something - and usually you or DaZ had already shared it. 
Scar3crow can't leave us hanging with that tantalizing story. Besides, you're on the to-be interviewed list. What changes?? Did you turn into a werewolf? Is it already too late to bail out??

In all seriousness, I hope you would write a few paragraphs about your experience and perception of the scene between then and now. I could send a series of question if you'd prefer an interview format. 
I'm happy to answer questions, just give me time to respond, things are busy and sometimes I miss notifications.

Okay, usually I miss notifications. 
Registration Is Today, Right? 
If it is, where do I register myself? 
I want to be put on some list somewhere.

Am already registered in the forums. 
I want to be put on some list somewhere.

Try walking about the town centre with your schlong out. That should do the trick. 
No Really, How? 
Do I just have to register on the forums? 
Registered Offenders 
Expose yourselves!
See the FAQ on the site. Basically signup, join the appropriate group and post intent.

Anyone may register. For those who don't intend to create a booth or event, all site members may post in the activity stream, comment on booths and news, and participate in groups. 
Registered. Waiting for the email. (No, it isn't in Spam). 
yeah, email no worky. 
wait, there it is. 
I'm Out Dated 
I remembered I joined qexpo2016.

Now all my post end up php402.
I use Chrome, I tried to eliminate all filters, but it won't work.
Quaddicted has the same waybackmachine error.
Maybe my winxp isn't able to clear all new updates. 
Did you mean qexpo2006? I don't see 'MadFox' on the list of 2016 members or pending members. 
Pending Member has promise as a band name. 
Ready Right. 
my id are small words. 
No unrecognized registration names on It was a dream? 
@MadFox or anyone having trouble registering- see my profile for contact. If an old browser won't display the page, though, nothing can be done on this end. 
just the browser.
firefox is fine. 
I Could Host Another Expo 
if that's something anyone would be interested in. 
You may want to consider something sooner than 5 years. 
hehe hello and happy 20th anniversary congrats! 
If the format of the expo is virtual-only, why not basically make it perpetual? The Quake Expo. Period. Everyone would be able to create a booth, and it would stay there, forever, for everyone to see. 
because interest in the game waxes and wanes over time. 
I Know You're Right, Yet... 
(See my answer in the other forum) 
There are already sites to host content permanently. I think something like QExpo should remain a celebration of sorts.

On another note, I don't like this fatalism in another thread. "Last ever"? Meh. 
..It's Been A Nice Expo Indeed 
I'm glad have been part of this celebration :)

But sad not having finished in time other projects of mine 
Much fun to see all events that were exposed.
Almost so exhausting I'm puzzling to find out where all booth's tend to.

That tetris version of the RPG GameKing.
Thanks for the piece of Quake! 
..was expecting more Booths, in 2011 there were 70/80 if I remember well 
It Was A Nice Expo 
And while I would've loved to make a second level for my mod as intended, I am happy to have been part of it. 
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