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Been A While For ..::LvL
It has been a while, but here is a ..::LvL update. "Unholy Sanctuary" is an interesting map pack release, but may not suit everyone.

* Ancient Hall by r3x.theCat
* Unholy Sanctuary by Martinus
* OVerSKill CTF by V1979
* WaterFear by arcan770077f

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, you can now use SSL with ..::LvL, simply change "http:" to "https:" in the address bar (or this ..::LvL link for the lazy). This is thanks to Let's Encrypt.
I'm always amazed that Quake 3 maps are being made... I assume these things are on Quake Live's workshop? I know a whole bunch of maps were uploaded there without the authors permission. 
Q3 maps on LvL are not QL Steam workshop maps. Different thing.

But yeah there's been a lot of "unsanctioned" conversions of old Q3 maps for QL. 
I Can't Use The Https Link 
It says: fatal error 40 from server

The curious part, it happens in Opera and IE, Firefox seem to work fine.

But happy to see new Q3 maps. 
HTTPS Issue 
Ah, cool. That would be because they are old browsers at a guess. The "Let's Encrypt" SSL certs are only supported with current generation of browsers.

More details for Opera and supported browsers.

The objective of "Let's Encrypt" is free SSL for everyone and to move everyone on to SSL (well, HTTPS and HTTP/2 really) tech. 
i don't use the latest versions, but from a few years ago, as latest run too slow in this laptop.

But, as i use Windows XP, and works only in Firefox, it probably is this:

Every browser that uses the XP OS SSL stack is affected by this (i.e. not Firefox, as Fx uses its own SSL stack [NSS]).

also this

does not support SNI, is also problematic regarding supported ciphers and does not work with LE right now as Windows XP SP3 cannot handle certificates with namespace restrictions (see and - this affects Internet Explorer,
Chrome, Safari and other software which uses the Windows CryptoAPI
and i suppose that also Opera.

Thank you for the info, Tigger-oN. 
Thanks For The TLS, Tigger! 
Quaddicted and the other sites hosted on the server are the same with SNI etc, it's time for progress. 
Just noticed the videos crash Firefox 44 on Android. 
Re: Update 
Regardless of the issue with the videos, thank you for the update. Love seeing new maps for Q3. 
FF On Android 
Sounds like a bug with the FF App (because the videos work with Chrome) but I'll check it out. You can always report the issue to Mozilla yourself - saves me doing it.

BTW, you can download the ..::LvL Android App if you like. 
FF Issue On Android 
@Tamarisk: I can't reproduce any issue with Firefox 44 and my Nexus 7 (2012). Could you make sure you have Settings -> Mozilla -> Crash Reporter enabled so Mozilla can be aware of the issue. 
Re: FF Issue On Android 
Hello Tigger-oN,

Yes, I sent along the crash reports. Strange it doesn't crash on your system. What version of Android do you have? I have 4.1.1 on an older Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 but I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 which I need to get set up. 
Re: FF On Android 
Downloading your App is on my to-do list.

Video On FF, Android, Samsung Fixed 
The video issue on a Samsung device with Firefox for Android is fixed.

The problem was that Firefox tries to decode a ".webm" file when it can not. The fix was to put an ".mp4" version of the video before the ".webm" version if using Firefox for Android. Pretty much a hack.

In my opinion this is a Firefox bug that really should be fixed - along with all the other video related issues for this browser. There are a lot on the Bugzilla site. 
Thank you for taking the time to fix the Firefox Android video issue. Much appreciated. 
Firefox Video 
And yes, I do agree Firefox on Android has some very strange issues with video. However for most tasks it works well and has an advantage over Chrome in that I can use Flash, albeit an older discontinued version. Still a few things I need this for. 
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