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Gaming Laptops??
Personal question but also starting this as a general discussion thread...

Is this a remotely feasible idea??

Quite into downsizing at the moment and having something I can easily transport to other cribz.

Okay so you get a lot less bang for your Euro with a laptop and really if I was using it a lot at Chez Smabhles I'd be keeping my monitor and probably KB too to plug into it.

OTOH I'm still on a 2010 i3 with 6 GB Ram and a GTX 660 2GB. And pretty happy with what I can currently play. A typical gaming laptop would be a fair step up from that, something like this:

Or maybe cheaper:

Obviously upgrading is harder etc etc. Although I've hardly upgraded my desktop in the last 6 years.

Thoughts? Any experiences with laptop gaming? Any general ideas / theories?
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I Found This Interesting

Ultraportable notebook with external high powered GPU that you can leave at home. Only snag: The external GPU isn't available yet. But the idea is nice. 
Ah Crap 
I have a laptop that I can easily play many games on I still stick to less demanding games because everytime I don't shit gets really hot. I don't mind the temperature but I believe it reduces the lifetime of the parts (capacitators and such).

I've never seen a laptop that doesn't have the problem since they all are so tightly packed. 
Meh. Alienware laptop, 2014 I think? Anyway, cool as a cucumber 100% of the time. Never breaks a sweat. Mind, the heaviest thing I play on it is Skyrim. 
Kinn Is That Ur Normal Rig? 
And if so, why did you go for a laptop? 
That is interesting, there is already a version of that by another manufacturer out I think.

Still, 12" screen as default (and presumably tiny KB to match), means you're going to need a monitor for actual gaming, as well as the kb and seperate GB, suddenly it's all seeming a bit desktop sized!! 
Personally For Gaming, I'd Go Desktop. 
As others stated, laptops especially running today's games can get rather hot. I am a bit biased with my full tower I suppose ;).

Regardless if I move into a one room apartment, I'd always make room for the desktop/monitor.

Good luck! 
I've had laptops for a few years now and I now have a full desktop. I can't see myself going back to the laptop any time soon. 
Kinn Is That Ur Normal Rig?


And if so, why did you go for a laptop?

I am fairly mobile and need to be able to work from anywhere.

However, even I didn't need to be mobile, I would still have gone for a laptop because it takes up much less room, and it's nice to work in the kitchen sometimes - the bedroom other times....etc. 
So The General Conclusion Is: 
They can run a bit hot and have all the obvious detriments, but there is no real mystery to the concept?? 
Another Look

Could throw that video card into your current i3 and see a pretty decent step-up. Your current CPU could bottleneck so that's a consideration as well.

The major thing I dislike about laptop gaming is the lack of upgrade functionality so if you do opt for the laptop, you should pay the pretty price to get the best parts inside the mobile rig in my opinion. 
I switched from desktop to laptop 8 years ago and have never looked back! I find a laptop useful because I move/travel a lot and don't want to carry around a large amount of equipment anymore. I just stick my laptop in my backpack and I am ready to go.

There are a couple of things you can upgrade with laptops, like memory (8Gb) and HD (250Gb). The rest of the laptop is just a blob and impossible to upgrade. I have been using solid states drives for 5 years, but never ever buy an intel SSD, they are worthless trash and will crash all the time.

I highly recommend you get some kind of warranty, things to do break and go wrong. Make sure you find a laptop with a good hard case that can withstand some knocks, accidents do happen.

Make sure you get a laptop with plenty of ports, a couple of USB, a SD card reader (for cameras), HDMI/VGA for ext monitor/tv and dvd drive for installation. When you get the laptop, always create your software install disks (there is an option), you never know when you might have to re-install windows again!

Even though its called a laptop, only a fool would actually use it on their lap/legs! The heat from any laptop will easily cook most skin, I just use the laptop on a table or even on the sofa.

I can run plenty of games, probably not cutting edge stuff, but I also have 2 consoles for other titles (some exclusive) so its not like I am never playing games. You can also plug your laptop into most TV sets or even get a special monitor/keyboard if you want.

Laptops are damn good hardware nowadays and most people change their computers every 4-5 years anyway. The upgrading thing is just a fools game, I know, I did it for 15 years! 
The moment when I switched from laptop to desktop was the biggest mistake in my life. I supposed that I would stop moving a lot back then. I can say that moving full tower from city to city sucks. Will switch back to laptop as main workstation in future. 
Top Post Sock :) 
10/10 A+++ would read again.

So as expensive as they are, the best advice is go even more expensive to make them futureproof as they can't be upgraded. Fair enough.

And nah this wouldn't be on legs ... 
On the other hand, PCs no longer have to be big. My home server would fit in a 12" cube with room to spare. It holds five 3.5" drives. The PC in my lab is attached to the back of the monitor. It cost less than $200 to build. Neither are gaming machines, but it's certainly possible to build a small machine for gaming these days, if that's what you need.

Laptops/notebooks are pretty much the only choice if you absolutely have to go mobile, but have a lot of limitations/drawbacks because of that requirement. 
Good Point. 
But I'm liking the idea of true portability.

Although, thinking of future-proofing, laptops with GTX 980M cards don't come cheap at all :O

OTOH, desktop 980 cards are �420 on their own... 
Yes, This Is It...

Pretty sure I've seen an old 2nd hand rolls royce on Autotrader for cheaper...

One thing though, keyboard position on those titans is where it's at. 
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