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Gaming Laptops??
Personal question but also starting this as a general discussion thread...

Is this a remotely feasible idea??

Quite into downsizing at the moment and having something I can easily transport to other cribz.

Okay so you get a lot less bang for your Euro with a laptop and really if I was using it a lot at Chez Smabhles I'd be keeping my monitor and probably KB too to plug into it.

OTOH I'm still on a 2010 i3 with 6 GB Ram and a GTX 660 2GB. And pretty happy with what I can currently play. A typical gaming laptop would be a fair step up from that, something like this:

Or maybe cheaper:

Obviously upgrading is harder etc etc. Although I've hardly upgraded my desktop in the last 6 years.

Thoughts? Any experiences with laptop gaming? Any general ideas / theories?
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I made a lot of my maps on a surface pro tablet. 
Good to know. Warren was asking Xaerox for tablet support for Jackhammer. I thought none of these tools worked on mobile OSs. 
surface pro uses the desktop version of windows as its OS. I also map using trenchbroom. 
I don't know to what extent you want portability but that unit in #18 weighs 4.5 kilos without the PSU.

Of course, in terms of taking it from the house to the car, and then from the car into someone else's house, that's OK.

But as an aside, I bought a 17.5 inch i7 HP laptop with portability in mind because I was doing a lot of travelling. I couldn't risk putting it in hold-luggage, and besides which it took 3.7 kilos of allowance, so carried it hand luggage all the time. I also carried my camera equipment...

It wasn't long before I was wishing for some weight relief, and actually started packing my lenses in hold luggage (the tripod was already there) to give my shoulders some relief. In its bag it also is quite bulky.

Moral of the story; I now use a Lenovo Yoga 700 14" i7 2-in-1 when travelling, and accept that the really heavy graphics stuff has to wait until I get home.

And the HP? Well, after several years of serious graphics use it started giving BSODs. I re-cooked the motherboard twice, but decided against a third cooking and took it to the local skip not long ago. But it lasted four years so not bad. 
It's more the �3k+ price tag that's putting me off ;).

Useful advice though, it depends whether one wants "much better than desktop portability" or "true lightweight use anywhere laptop portability"... 
Make sure the keyboard doesn't feel like walking in a swamp. 
Which Is The Main Appeal Of The 3k Behemoth Above. 
So...'s a thing. Pondering general PC replacement using my own PC company as a choice.

Gaming laptop:


Basic OCUK gaming desktop:,f8g0h0j0

Spec it up to similar to laptop by adding:
i7 processor (n.b. overclocked in desktop)
16gb ram
120gb SSD
MSI GTX970 (n.b. 4gb in desktop, 3gb in laptop)
DVD drive
Win 10


Unless I've missed something glaringly obvious (apart from upgrade potential of course), that's not a huge difference for getting laptop portability?? 
Something To Consider 
The video card is the mobile version of the 970 (970m) so it does have altered specs versus the regular 970.

I don't think you will be miffed either way. 
Core Question We Are Missing Here... 
What exactly are the kind of games you will be playing? We need to have some idea of what kind of power you need. Source games can run on absolute shit, but UE4 and Unity need some more juice to run properly. 
The Same Ones I'd Play On A Desktop?? 
I Mean Like A List. 
A List 
- The Same Ones I'd Play On A Desktop?? 
Errrr Well. 
Some, all, or none of the following:

Total Warhammer
Battlefleet Gothic
Doom 4
Dark Souls 3 if it's a proper port
Cyberpunk 2077
Tomb Raider 2015
Solus Project

If It Is Just 1080p 
You will be fine with the laptop. It appears you are favoring mobility as a pro as well so I would say grab the laptop that has a 970M bundled. 
Other option is to look for a MSI GT series that has the MXM graphics card upgrade option for the future (since from what I understand, RAM is an easy upgrade and i7 CPUs are good enough to never be a bottleneck for games), but a brief search shows the GT series to be expensive and usually coming with a 970M anyway....

Incidentally, what other games would one be future-proofing for?? 
Okay So.... 
Emailed the seller about this:

And got a reply:

Thanks for your enquiry - MSI GT72S 6QE(Dominator Pro G)-047UK 17.3" i7-6700HQ is Brand New, original box, sealed, never used not scratches or any problems, comes in the manufacturer packaging with 1 Year MSI full warranty and all manufacturer supplied accessories. The total price is �891.00 + �9.00 for shipping (3 - 5 business days).

If you want to buy, please confirm your full name and shipping address and I will place an order for you; and then you receive the order confirmation from Amazon with all details about the next steps to complete your purchase.

Return policy is full money back or replace the product, you can return it for any reason at all within 30 days.

What am I missing here?? Gonna reply and ask again why price is so low.... 
What am I missing here?? Gonna reply and ask again why price is so low....

it's nicked innit m8 
Only thing is the seller has non-existent ratings but like 1 in the past 12 months? Always a little wary of that type of stuff.

Can't imagine the laptop being unpacked would cause such a low price but if it is through Amazon and as money back's a pretty crazy deal!

980M to boot! 
Looked at the slightly more expensive one. It is a bit fishy for the 891 one.. 
Not sure how well that link works, but I am referring to the "used" ones by NovaShopping... 
Bottom Of This Page... 
Seller disappeared as did all the products. Useful reminder to be wary. 
There Ya Go 
Looked way too cheap, I am wary of low seller feedback. 
25% Off Legit... 
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