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This is a map that was developped in response of the "Inspiration & Reference" thread of a cavey entrence and acient castle.
I covered it up with some new monsters and static models.
Qtest had a serpent and elden ogre, I think they should be in the quake world.



Note - The download now links to the updated version.

My vote for the Quake20th Anniversary.
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@-mankrip: My 33457 vertices and 32978maxsurfaces and 256 model limit wouldn't be usefull in ordinary Quake. Loading it in dosquake fades the skybox.

@-ionous: down the spiral tv?

@-orl: thanks for the demo. You made it on hard skill.

Didn't think of it earlier, but does nightmare skill needs extra qc. 
I've been slowly raising some limits, that may be why it worked. My engine also supports skyboxes.

Also, I think that previous crash was related to my buggy MDL renderer. It didn't happen again.

This mod is a damn good test case for MDL rendering. The MDL renderer in my engine is still using low-res dithering kernels with no color/brightness correction and no perspective correction, and the difference from my BSP renderer is really noticeable.

I've got all secrets, minus the underwater gate with the megahealth near the fishing ogre.

The last Orbb at the top of the castle backflipped to oblivion, so I had to jump down to hunt him. That was kinda unexpected and fun.

The healing pool can generate a max edicts error if we heal over and over. To avoid this, I only used it after getting the other items I needed, to free some entity slots. 
Entity Garden 
The first version had a darkyoung with deathpose unused, so when it went in melee it shook out a default movement.

It was quiet an experience to use the models, at the last moment I could dimm the skinnoverbrights.
But I'm no coder, The Elden Ogre has its defend shield and became a worthy warrior, thanks Ijed and the rift code.

The Orbs have a kind of chicken move I also enjoyed, they can jump wide range and have a straight hard attack.

The health pool has a wait arg of 16 sec, but standing on it when recharging it shoots up to 100. It can be a real game killer, and I couldn't get the qc on SUB-regen right.

But my dragon breezes fire finally. 
link no work 
Could it be archived at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine? 
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