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Q2048: Famous Game Remake On Quake Engine
This is my tiny mod made in anticipation of Quake's 20th anniversary.

Remake of 2048 game. Tested (primarly) on DarkPlaces and QuakeSpasm.

Use arrow keys for movement, R to restart a game, Q to center a player.

How to start: unpack "q2048" folder to Quake's one, execute your quake.exe with parameter -game q2048, i.e.:

quakespasm -game q2048

Known bugs: q2048 algorithm is not 100% the same as in the original game (>90% although).
Maximum block is 16384.

Lol This Is Pretty Good 
Got up to the vore before I remembered I had dinner in the oven.

Best to play it with r_drawviewmodel 0 
Yeah, This Is Fun 
and really clever. 
The Original 2048 For Those That Don't Know 
...which was a clone of

(browser-playable at )

No real point to mentioning that, just funny that in certain circles it's only 2048 that gets recognized. 
I think 2048 and threes are different enough that we can talk of cloning one vs. the other. (even though 2048 is clearly cloned from threes with a few small changes.)

But yeah, 2048 definitely won the publicity game and if I made threes I'd be mad about that. 
I Saw The 2048/Threes Controversy And Bought Threes To Try It. 
I absolutely hated Threes. Hated the initial 1+2 mechanic as it is completely unnecessary. Hated the twee presentation.
Played it for a few hours, deleted it, donated a few bucks to the 2048 guy instead. 
So nice ) 
Well, I've done a map for this mod.
Xenozoid, feel free to distribute it with your mod if you like.


hmm, i got to 4096 in about 12 moves and then it crashed the VM .... maybe doesn't work in fitzquake :( 
yeah ok tried it in quakespasm and it worked much better. Until i accidentially turned off notarget and the whole board started attacking me :) 
Oh, Nice Map! 
I made this one default. Thanks, Scrama! Now mod looks ok in Quakespasm.

�������, ������ ����� ���� ;) 
One more useful thing. Save/load work here!

> �������, ������ ����� ���� ;)
Does Yandex use russian as default language despite your IP location? Sorry =) 
So Anyway 
This is pretty cool, and it alerted me to the 2048 game, which I have been messing around with on my phone.

Anyway just thought I'd let you know that for some reason I had two func_msgboard tabs open next to each other in my chrome browser, and without thinking I tried to swipe one into the other before realising what I was doing.

If that worked, I wonder what website it would turn into? 
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