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Serious Sam - Serious Engine Source Code Released
Good news for Serious Sam fans:

Now we are waiting for some crazy mods and tools.
Wow, Seriously? 
Let's see what engine ports will be made. 
Time to dig out the old SS disc again to keep handy I suppose. 
It Was Never Open Source? 
I find that odd. I won't be messing with it, but it sounds like a lot of people will be having some fun 8) 
I Wonder 
If there's any reason to make a source port engine of this, since SSHD is already powered by Serious Engine 2.5/3 and that should probably cover most if not all graphical things to date... 
@#4, True Enough 
But the advantage of an engine port is that it could be used for playing third party maps or mods, while a HD remake usually only allows you to enjoy the official campaigns. 
Yea Yea 
There's secret levels and cool little things missing from the HD versions though. 
Gravity gimmicks found on numerous levels and secrets are missing as well. As a raving Serious Sam fan, that was a letdown to see those missing. 
Really? They even removed that?

I only played a couple of levels and didn't think they did such a lazy job. I mean, I thought there was room for improvement, but I had no idea. 
No Cool Gravity 
Yeah things like walking around a large torus like room and flipping upside down in the Sacred Yards are gone from the HD version.

I am fairly certain those sector types/entities (or whatever they may be called) are missing from the Serious Editors for the HD versions as well.

I like shiny but I also like creative fun gimmicks too! 
Then Play Serious Sam Revolution 
Its superior and its made by a Brony 
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