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LowRez Jam 2016 - 64x64 FPS
Hey guys. On April 1st starts new Low Rez Jam:

I want to create simple 3D shooter rendered to 64x64 resolution. Some experimental shit and fun.

I could probably make all game by myself only, but I'm open for collaboration. More people = better quality. If you want to help me, let me know! :)

Coding/Scripting will be on my side. I would love to see some help with:
- textures;
- modeling;
- mapping;
- animation;

We need simple assets, we don't have to struggle with hi-poly or full texture sets. Just super low poly models and color texture (max 128x128).

I will show progress in this thread.

What do you think guys?
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That's the resolution of the Dreamcast's VMU, IIRC. 
What engine will this be made in?

128x128 seems a bit large per texture, why not go down to 64 or even 32?

What art style did you have in mind? 
Devi Ever 
Not even once. 
#1 according to wiki it was 48�32

#2 I want to use Unity.
128x128 is maximum I want to use. Depends on how close you'll be able to look at enemies or bodies. I would like to have wall textures in 64x64 so we can build WAD later for Quake community.
I would love to have art style like in Quake, but I don't know if this gonna work with 64x64. I minimized few screens with base textures and it looked ok. One thing for sure is that we need contrast between floor, walls and ceiling, so it's more clear to see what's going on with level.

#3 wat? 
to save time, if you are making it with quake art style, could you not use an existing community-made texture set? 
#3 ohhh ok... I didn't even knew who she/he is.
I remember previous Low Rez Jam was ok. Few cool games were created. I don't think we should worry. We don't have to have any interaction with this persona.

#5 Good idea, I'll take a look at some community WADs and see how they behave. 
...we can even load BSP mesh if you want :)

it will require additional file (for example XML) with enemy/item positions, but that's not a problem I guess... 
The "mesh" you get from quake bsp is horrendous though - if you want to use a brush-editor to makes the maps you'd be better off making it as a quake 3 map, then using q3map2 to turn the brushwork into nice .ase models. 
Use the Wavefront obj Export in the lastest TB2 Beta. 
Just a thought - Doom style sprites looks better in low res than 3D models. And Doom's lack of vertical camera rotation also helped to avoid aliasing on vertical edges.

So, for best image quality at such low resolutions, I'd recommend a Doom style design, keeping sloped surfaces to a minimum.

The improvements I'd add on top of that are 32-bit color rendering and 15 fps animations on sprites, for well-defined and fluid visuals. 
Use the Wavefront obj Export in the lastest TB2 Beta.

I assume that's just a simple conversion of brush primitives to triangles, which will have t-junction problems?

q3map2's .ase compile will clip and retriangulate the geo when appropriate to make it more like the sort of thing you'd make in a mesh modelling app. 
That Said 
I wonder whether you can even see t-junction sparklies at 64x64 res... 
Just Thinking Out Loud 
It could maybe be worth a try to run q1 qbsp with a larger -subdivide setting so it won't cut up surfaces so much, which could theoretically give a cleaner mesh. Light.exe will crash if you set it higher than default though, but that doesn't matter if you're only after extracting geo from it. 
Collision is another consideration. With a sufficiently low-poly and clean mesh you should be able to just duplicate it and use as the collision mesh. 
#8-12 - OBJ Export is very good idea. I'll take a look at this. Can items etc. be exported to OBJ too? If yes I guess it's exported as mesh object with some name. It could help with in-game items placement.
With such aliased image t-junction will be not a problem.

#10 - good point, I want to make free mouse look, but maybe it will be better to leave it to horizontal only. This way it should be clearer to navigate. We'll see when I get tech demo ready.
From my point of view sprites are harder to make ;) In 3D I just make one model with rig and animation, then I just modify or add elements and voila. With sprites you have too modify every frame of animation etc. Lots of work, but I guess for someone who's pixel artist it's a piece of cake, so if there is any pixel art master, feel free to join :)

#13 - thanks for a tip. I'll test it too. 
#14 - yeah, but I fed Unity with many weird meshes and It always worked without a problem. Anyway it's always better to work with nice meshes instead of some garbage, so atm I think obj (or ase) export is the best solution. 
Polygons, but yeah. Dunno about T-Junctions, but shared edges use the same vertices. Maybe that helps. 
Brushes only. 
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Your address is a "recently reported forum spam source". Coincidence? 
It's You 
Pre-rendered sprites are another option. Duke 3D used that, afaik. 
#22 - yeah pre-rendered is only option if I don't find talented pixel artist :D 
Pixel Artist Here! 
Hi khreathor

I would be intrested in doing collab on your project!

Here is some pixelart work in my portfolio

I also would like to mention that I am working as a Artist on Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

I am very comfortable working with unity
(I scripted and made the art for this game:

If you are interested you can email me at 
I saw some "test"-pictures, I think it looks cool =) 
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