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Anyone Ever Make A Q1 Content Mod For Q2?
I've always enjoyed the Q2 engine over Q1 but the levels of Q1 are a blast. Same with some of the enemies.

Has anyone done a Q1 mod for Q2?

I especially love the BASE theme, which I felt like it fit really well into the Q2 world.
Some Q1 Maps Have Been Remade In Q2 
That would be awesome. AFAIK no one has done it.

However, a few months ago I downloaded various versions of e1m1, e1m2 and e1m3 remakes for Quake 2. I don't recall where exactly I downloaded them from (was just a http directory listing) but I specificallly searched for filenames like q2e1m* etc.

Quick google search, I believe these were 3 of the the best I played

Also, somewhat related... I just recently discovered this amazing map for DOOM 2 which has an extremely heavy Quake 2 vibe 
Found More, Entire Q1 Episodes For Q2 
Check it out dude:

Great faithful remakes of the originals made by Serberus. Almost exact replicas. 
Already Partially Done Back In 1999 
Generations Mod for quake 2 has the whole quake shareware episode in it you can play single player monsters and all. You can also play it multi-player as doom guy, Ranger or one of the quake 2 player models.

The team got a cease and desist order from id's lawyers not to long after release. 
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