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Retro Blazer
I'm curious if anyone else has played Retro Blazer. It runs on the Dark Places engine and seems to do a pretty good job creating a fast paced retro themed shooter. Thought it was interesting being that it's built on what is pretty much Quake!

Unfortunately the site and Steam page have both gone down this past month, and I haven't been able to find any recent updates on the project. Even with the old demo that was released, it was enough to give me a bit of fun. I'd wonder if there might be potential to do custom levels for it as well (already loaded in a map compiled with the Quake utils).

The alpha/demo is still available, I've included a link to it below. Be sure to bind the following keys before playing as well:
Alt-Fire: bind �mouse2� �impulse 100�
Dash: bind �ctrl� �impulse 15�

It's nicely done, but I lost interest quickly. Not a fan of Wolf3D-likes. Same thing with Wrack for that matter - style is there but samey gameplay. 
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