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so how have everyone liked snapmap? I'm loving it, id did a good job on an in game editor. cheers
This Needs To Happen First 
23:14:30 | <Friction> Daz_: hell, snapmap is going to feature full weapon selection system in future for SP stuff.
23:14:38 | <Friction> so that's the first step taken already
23:14:39 | <Daz_> yeah that is nice 
Since I no longer have a gaming PC and game on a PS4 instead, I was intrigued by a game having the editor on consoles as well. I finally ordered the game today, after having read about the upcoming changes to Snapmap that should allow creation of proper SP campaigns. 
Re: SnapMap 
My Doom experience is mostly centered around the classic PC games, and I personally prefer them over SnapMap if I had to pick, it is nice that console players are finally getting to make stuff of their own, and I'm honestly surprised Bethesda let id do that sort of thing. 
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