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Quake 2 Zero Signal
A new Quake 2 sp unit has been released by Serge Jaeken.
Any pretty shots to link too? I go to a white page with a single dark image... and is that using an HD pack or default Q2
It uses default Q2 textures but also adds some custom textures to the mix. It's a nice, solid level. 
I have a KMQ2-related question: why does strafing affect the direction in which the grenades are launched? It's very annoying. How to turn it off? 
You have suddenly piqued my interest. Would you like to explain better what do you mean by "affect the direction"? At a minimum, I would expect inertia would have a perfectly normal effect of making the grenade move alongside the direction of the player... 
Maybe it makes sense, but I don't remember it happening in vanilla. Besides, if the grenade launcher is affected, why other projectile weapons aren't? Not that I'm complaining.

Yes, if you strafe left, the grenades will fly to the left instead of where you're aiming.

As for Zero Signal, the ending kinda negated all the moderately positive impressions I've collected throughout the unit. 
KMQuake II runs a game DLL that is (or is based on?) the Lazarus mod.

Google says that Lazarus mod used to make grenades inherit player velocity, but that was removed in version 2.0 of the mod (August 2001). The version currently included with KMQ2 seems to be later than that... do you have a way older install of KMQ2?

I don't immediately see a way to turn off that behavior in Lazarus. 
No, I downloaded the recent build. kmq2gamex86.dll is dated 2015, but I'm clearly getting the undesired grenade behavior. I've also experienced it when playing Lazarus a few years ago.

Oh well. I only used this engine because it was suggested by the unit's author. 
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