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FTE - your new favorite game engine. some features: CSQC, Advanced SSQC, BSP2, Lit files, RealTime Lighting, Specular, Bumpmapping, Paralax mapping, Refraction, Reflection, NetQuake mods, QuakeWorld mods, plays Quake2, plays Hexen2, Quake3 support too! Doppler, OpenAL Reverb, Ogg, Voip. Ingame brush editing, skeletal models. Cake Dispensers, oh wait, sorry, that one is a lie. A javascript port, an embedded web browser, 360 degree vision, walking on the ceiling, portals, 6dof, custom huds, skyboxes, fog, etc etc.
/looks at screenshots... 
Afterquake == Quake 2?

Hey hey, don't twist my arm. I know my way to the exit... ;) 
Cool Engine, Tonnes Of Features! 
For those people saying it can't look classic, here's some beauty shots I've taken for those who prefer a more pixelly look - 
What's the map in the last 3 screenshots you posted? It looks sw4g... 
It's My Latest Map... 
will be in the next update of Arcane Dimensions 
Holy Shit 
In that case my body will be ready.... 
The next update is pretty stellar tbh, can't wait for people to play it :) 
I tried FTE recently and the Doppler effect was so exaggerated it made the experience unbearable. Probably something system-specific. Shame. 
And Yeah, Those 1996 Orges With OTT Bump And Gloss Are Less Than OK 
Ogres Even 
Couple Of Weird Bugs

- Player skins don't seem to show up for me at all. Not sure why. As you can see in the above image it's just blank for the player.

- HDR is broken in observer mode. The screen just gets gradually brighter until it looks washed out, see above. 
s_doppler 0.
I souped it up to implement/test it then forgot about it. its again disabled by default, but its also saved into configs.
consider using the vanilla preset. :)

fullbright player skins is a feature!... *cough* yeah, okay, I've no idea what's going on there, but yay! chances are that it affects other people too! yay!..
and I guess I should just disable iris adaptation when in an area where the light levels cannot be determined. 
FTE needs single player polish. goldenboy gave it some, I can tell.

Examples off the bat:

1a) Bring up console pauses in single player like it should (yay! +5).
1b) Displays "PAUSED" plague when doing so (*groan* -25 points).
2) Doing "game warpspasm -quoth" doesn't work.
3) Quakeworld is default HUD. Fine, but make it use Quake HUD when gametype == GAMETYPE_COOP (the single player scoreboard in the engine code)
4) Doesn't do ALT-ENTER toggle fullscreen? Seriously?
5) Still have menu elephantitis complexizorationing with superfluous menu items cluttering menus? Stuff them all in a discrete an advanced menu -- a casual player is not looking for bloom or playing lerping.

It's little stuff like that is a buzzkill when using the engine. The only thing that prevents FTE from being a true "final Quake".

Should do single player right -- out of the box -- zero config. Like Quakespasm --- which doesn't do much, but it is simple and zero config. 
And this was weird --- my laptop went into "thermal shutdown" with the latest FTE idling without focus (for like 2 minutes grand total).

It's a Windows 7 with Intel/ATI Radeon Mobility from 2012 --- nothing fancy, a base model Compaq laptop. 
The thermal shutdown was caused by leaving FTE in the console.

If the console is full screen, it doesn't take long for my graphics card fan to start up heavy. 
Still have menu elephantitis complexizorationing with superfluous menu items cluttering menus? Stuff them all in a discrete an advanced menu -- a casual player is not looking for bloom or playing lerping.
Compared to Doom source ports it's nothing. The most popular ones drag everything in the menus. And I mean everything. 
And just to get this one out:

Why green letters in the console? Why not the "bronzed" color?

I don't want to sound like a critic, and would prefer not posting this and the above.

But I determined it would be worse to not provide the feedback.

FTE is close to being mainstreamable for single player, but there are little odds and ends of clutter/oddness/menuitis which I suspect would turn off someone who likes out-of-the box.

In Quakespasm, I want to go full screen I press "ALT-ENTER". In FTE, I have to go to Options ... then go down 12 several slots to Video Options, go down 1 slot to display mode and press left to select "Fullscreen" and then go down 8 slots to "Apply Settings" and then exit the menu.

/FTE is like 95% there. It's the 5% of oddness that irks me. Sorry. But the post is in good faith. 
1b) single player is an illusion in all quake engines. I guess I can add a hack for that.

2) gamedir "quoth;warpspasm"
works with any such dependant mods and doesn't depend on hacks.
frankly special cases like random hyphens and special mods is the kind of oddness that irks me. and yes, I know that its one of your additions.
I'll tweak it sometime to work without the quotes+space instead of the embedded semi-colon, but the weird hyphen and reversed order thing is a hack that I don't personally agree with.
alternatively you can use the quake injector plugin thing and then you don't have to know that warpspasm depends on quoth and other awkward stuff.

3) randomized huds are not something I can approve of. cl_sbar 1 is for you (and even exists in vanilla qw). note that this is also enabled by the vanilla preset.
if you refer to afterquake's ezhud plugin thing then yes, I agree with you, its hideous. plug_sbar 0 disables that completely - note that afterquake's config.cfg file contains this setting (if you've previously selected a hud, you can just pick 'default' in the huds menu to switch that plugin back off). of course, because your remarks about the menu etc imply that you're not even using the package that this thread is actually named after, then none of this really applies.

4) bind alt+enter "toggle vid_fullscreen;vid_width 0;vid_height 0;vid_restart"
(doesn't work while at the console/menus, unfortunately, but hey, the console is overrated and you claimed that the menus are unusable. bind one of the f-keys instead or something)
most qw players would hate that, of course, so no way I'll do it by default. note that it would also affect splitscreen if both keys needed to be bound (hurrah for different keys controlling different players).
(also, you know you can just use the mouse for the menus, right? right-click to close the current menu.)

5) did you try afterquake's menus, or were you just sticking with the engine's ones? (player lerping certainly isn't on the afterquake menus).
for me, turning bloom off is one of the first things I do in new games... frikkin blur filters... I'm sorry that fteQW caters a little more to QuakeWorld players... :P
menusys is qc and opensource, you can find it here: feel free to propose specific changes for your single-player focus.
quite frankly, your definition of 'zero config' just means that *you* are happy with the existing defaults, which is of course much easier when quakespasm doesn't really have anything to configure beyond vanilla (and even then lacks modem configuration etc). it also has most map packs actually being tested with it/designed exclusively for it being in its favour...
just give some actionable proposals rather than sweeping complaints that will be taken as just an aspergery dislike of changes (I'm not judging, I'm more guilty of this than most people, but maybe also more aware/paranoid of it too. cry wolf and all that).

6) yeah, fte's console is more cpu-heavy than I'd like. if your laptop is dying then you should probably enable vsync or something. its a shame that its probably out of its warrenty now. you could also try cleaning the fans/vents, my own laptop got kinda 'fluffy'. either way, maxing out a single core shouldn't cause the machine to shut down.

7) I'm going to assume you mean those tab-completion alternatives (by the way, you can just click them instead of spamming tab/etc followed by ctrl+space).
The 'bronzed' colour technically comes from using different glyphs. You can actually enter those glyphs by pressing alt while you type (another reason to avoid alt+enter). entering green text is still rarer and thus more preferable. the completion listings also being green is down to consistency, and is also more distinct following player chat and things like that.
if you mean player names using a rainbow of colours, try cl_standardchat 1.

I, too, am now interested in knowing why the console should "max out a cpu core"... 
all rendering without a frame limiter will basically max out a core (or really a thread).
throw in some extra rendering from the conback and some bus abuse from streaming all those 8*8 pixel chars giving a higher character density than any other block of text, and that's ignoring the checks for colour codes, the selection of unicode glyphs, handling word wrapping with variable widths, alternative charsets, and yeah, you can kick out quite a lot of heat.
its even more cpu heavy in debug builds with no optimisations and added bounds/overflow/stack checks, which are what I'm personally more familiar with.

my laptop was pretty much unusable without vsync in a few other games, which prevents the cpu and gpu from both maxing out at once. crippling its pcie bus also helped... it never actually crashed though, just ran too slowly (its plugged into the tv now. yay internet tv!). 
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