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Exporting To .bsp? Nothing In Documentation!
I started using Trenchboom recently and have created a basic map. How do I export the .map file to a .bsp file tho? You cant play .map files, so this seems like a basic feature of an editor such as this. I cant find any option to export to anything other than .map and the documentation that comes with Trenchboom doesn't mention exporting at all.

So wat do?
You'll have to tell the editor where the compile tools are. These will make your map compile to a bsp.file, then it needs a vising for clearing, and a light tool to make things glare.

These files you can find:

After redirecting Trenchboom, see Preferences you can lead these file to your map.

Sounds simpel, just see for the manual of Trenchboom, I think. 
Only The Latest TB2 Alpha Has Support For Built In Compilation 
See the manual for info. Also such questions usually g onto the mapping help thread. 
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