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Map Jam 7 - Back To Base Released
Download (45 MB including Quoth):

Screenshot medley:

Map Jam 7 is a single player Quake experience employing the Quoth mod, comprising of a start map - jam7_start - and five technologically-inclined maps.

Thanks to the mappers that took part:

Please remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level. There's a few first-time mappers here, and I'm sure they'd love to get some feedback on their respective maps.
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Big Thanks 
Big thanks to Ionous for hosting the jam!

Please do record demos! 
Any Chance For A Repack? 
Why does this include Quoth? Way to bloat the file size.
And wtf about the config files!!! 
I wanted for people, even newbies, to be able to play it without having to install something else. Is an extra thirty MB really that prohibitive?

Hmmm. Probably shouldn't have included those cfg files. 
Uh, Start Map Is Jam7_start 
Probably should have mentioned that somewhere. 
Yeah The Inclusion Of Quoth.... 
...FFS, the 45meg download is really slowing down my DX4 20gig pre-loading on steam >:( 
Good Screenshot Time 
Congrats on the release 
Thanks Being Patient 
Hey, I just have to give thanks hosting this jam.. it was first time, couldn't put everything I planned on map, but it sure was great experience. Though my maps likes to hide themes behind "core", I hope you can enjoy playing it same way as I did ^^;

Can't wait to get on pc and start playing all these. 
Shambler not being able to handle Bobs is the most retarded thing. What a spaz! Moreover, this pack is really good! Some creative ideas in here. Though I found the colored lighting in the some of the maps to look odd.

NewHouse: Quite nice for your first map. Shame it's boxed! The map is way too dark for me. The problem here is that you used colored lights as primary light sources which isn't such a good idea. They are almost always darker than their regular counterparts, and especially in the case of darker colors like the blue here. In consequence, I often couldn't see a lot which is too bad, since the control room seem to look nice; it also made combat harder.
The silver key supply cabinets are a nice touch. I found a bunch of secrets, but they weren't counted as such - I assumed due to improper placement of the triggers.
The glass trick in front of the monitors didn't work as water was opaque for me, so they ended up as flat grey. Nice idea in principle, but doesn't seem worth it.
Combat seems just a bit too much teleport/repopulating ambushy, but not so much that it got too annoying.
Keep it up!

khreator: Nice gimmicks. The item dispensers are an interesting idea possibly worth expanding on. Adds an additional value to the already scarce supplies - trading in stuff. Can be exploited, though (especially with nails).
Good-looking tech corridors. Unfortunately, not much else - the map is basically 90% corridors. Generally too dark, though. Would have liked stronger contrast. The darkness/flashlight secret is a nice touch. Unvised, wtf?!

mjb: Again, some creative use of Quoth mechanics. The waterfall climbinb and how you acquire the ability, coupled with the exploration are very cool. Navigation is somewhat frustrating in parts, when dismounting properly or jumping off the ladders and trying to land on the ledges fails. Thanks for the safety net...

ItEndsWithTense: Or does it? I like the sculpture/vista, very unique and interesting thing to see in an otherwise familiar style/environment. Reminded me a little bit of a certain map by Orl. Small and sweet, although it feels like a missed opportunity not to use the space better. Low monster count is fine, but instead of allowing the player to just run through, there could have been some puzzles or button hunting.

ionoose: Take it, use it - the super nailgun falls out!!!
Kind of brush porn at its best. Looks very cool and it's a pleasure to just examine the details, despite the fact that it's pretty much a single room, wpoly as expected. As with 10's map, it feels like it's over so quickly with little to do. Not sure how it could have been spiced up more... maybe, again, some more button hunting to activate auxiliary machinery, and a mid-level vermis fight?

Anyway, gg guys.

Finally, some demos 
Your face is the most retarded thing ever. I'm actually finding bobs okay in this pack so FU!!! 
You're One Of A Kind 
Thanks For The Screenshot Shambler 
Thanks negke, but Too dark? On my screen it looked bright enough and some lights was even way too bright, but then again I really should figure out how it might look in other's monitors/screens, I really hope there could be two settings for lights. And map indeed lacked combat areas, I wanted to have enough gameplay, because I need to get rid of whole ice core/water pipe areas otherwise map might have felt uncomplete compared to others huge maps (that was my expectation). 
It is wierd that Secrets did not count, because I tested it multipe times and only trigger that didn't activated was illusionary secret. Is it really maps problem or engine related issue? 
And yesterday I even fixed that secret too and was able to get all 7 counted without any issues. 
I really would like to know what causes those problems.. thanks for pointing them out. 
If your map looked even the slightest bit visible, let alone normal, on your screen, then surely all other maps must look completely fullbright to you. Try Ionous's map in this pack, but wear a welders mask first as it might fry your optic nerve! 
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