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(BLOOD) The Dreamwell Enigma: Barlington Estate
Explore Master Barlington's estate, also home to his exclusive gentlemen's club including some prominent figures of the area, owners of influential businesses; Cobbleson & Son's Crimson Brewery, Leroux's M�daillon Bathhouse, Ashford's Bank and Trust, etc. Strange activities have been taking place at the estate and these men are likely involved. Rumours also spread about a new religious cult forming and gossip regarding Barlington's mental health as of late. Sudden disappearances have been reported surrounding the area, but no concrete evidence pointing to the club itself. What secrets are they hiding? Break inside, rummage around, seek documents and discover the truth, no matter how far you must dig to find it.

Requires an up to date copy of BLOOD with either Plasma Pak expansion installed or the One Unit Whole Blood package. GOG's release works well.

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Download
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i'd reccomend posting about this also to

I'll give it a try during upcoming weekend! 
Wish It Was Compatible 
With BloodCM. I have GOG but it runs like poop. 
I am so waiting for BloodXL but who knows, could be months or years :/

GOG/DosBox Blood should run ok with reasonable resolution settings etc, checked the guides on GOG forums etc ? 
One Unit Whole Blood runs fine on an 8 (?) years old Core2Duo. 
Played Through It 
found 0 secrets :(

good stuff, great level of detail, especially considering how to make certain things in build engine

loved the stuff like the lever switch suspended on a chain, made out of wall and floor sprites obviously, but looks awesome

cool puzzle with the symbols too.

was expecting some boss at the end, but was just some mobs and end-level switch.

one special mention is the sloped sector-over-sector (or whatever it's called) trapdoor. i don't think i've ever saw one like that in all the official levels from any of the well-known four build engine games. 
Thanks For Playing! 
Decided against having a boss or large fight at the end considering I have plans for later levels from this point forward, wanted to stick with a slower pace here before things pick up in the next one.

You might also enjoy my Duke3D release from last year;

Amazing Map 
Really loved this, proper halloween treat!

The only thing I struggled with was the symbol puzzle. I was reading all the information for clues. I then tried to put them in the order that I came across them.... then I cheated by looking at the forum post on duke4 
why dont people develope custom maps for the eduke blood project instead? 
Because it's not Blood. 
Good Map Quakis 
Very enjoyable with some high quality architecture and design. The puzzle wasn't too hard to figure out and I liked the use of dynamite cultists who more often than not killed themselves and their colleagues. The ending felt a bit anticlimactic though. 
Very Awesome 
i have played very few user maps for blood, but this one is indeed wicked stuff. lots of really nice details.i did have trouble with the puzzle until it just worked for me. very awesome map though. :D 
BloodCM is pretty damn faithful tbh. I managed to suffer dosbox but a more native solution would have been better.
I get less than great frames and I get a lot of graphical glitches like weapons as nd the hud disappearing. 
Thanks For All The Feedback Guys, Appreciated! 
@Skacky: Hopefully the ending won't feel so anticlimatic once later levels in the series are available. Unless there's something in particular you feel could be improved here despite that?

@BloodCM: While a neat emulation of Blood, it's not quite a 1:1 replica. That and amongst other reasons, I'd rather stick with mapping for the original game honestly. 
More BloodCM Thoughts 
It would be great if there was a way to make cross compatible maps or have a conversion tool. Or even a way of saving in both file formats.
As much as I love Blood I just detest the compatibility issues 
So there's now a decent way to play the original game without DOSBox lags? This is really cool.

Too bad about custom content. 
dwere no, BloodCM really is not the same. Its more cosmetic tc of duke with approximate movement feel of blood but its not it.

Ray of hope here is the XLEngine project I linked above.

But otherwise, what the fuck are people on about laggy and whatnot Blood dosbox ?
Granted you may need a tad of tinkering with the settings, and make sure you are using BMOUSE but its perfectly smooth and playable with even a lower end machine. 
I'm glad it works so well for you. 
Runs poor on my machine. I have an i7 4790k and a gtx 970.

I even tried installing windows 95 through a virtual machine but I couldn't get it to work 
Maybe fiddle with cpu cycle settings in DosBox? 
I'll survive. Pretty certain I suffered playing quake at 15fps back in the day.

The framerate is not a big deal compared to the disappearing hud and weapons. 
"Pretty certain I suffered playing quake at 15fps back in the day."

I played the original Quake demo on a 486DX2-50. Even at 320x200 or whatever it was, 15 fps was just wishful thinking. 
Well not sure what version you are using etc but there are plenty guides around on optimizing performance with dosbox.
The biggest effect and main take-away is to reduce the games internal resolution to 640x480

There are fixes for the flashing hud and weapons too, nolfblim 
In my case it's not about the version I'm using, but rather the hardware I'm stuck with.

It wasn't a low-end laptop when I bought it, but it was several years ago, and, well, it's a laptop. Running 3D games in DOSBox is a CPU-intensive task, regardless of settings.

And I can't upgrade because I'm a cheap bum.

Of course, you can simply say that it's my problem. Never said it wasn't. 
Ok sorry. ? :D
Probably worse^^ 
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