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Examples Of Fun/novel Q1 Maps With Slow Pacing
One of my maps is a sort of old fashioned skulk thru a Library-Prison. When I decided on the game play i thought really slow pacing would be a good way to get people in the mood to thrash around in a crazy final battle at the back end of the map.

theres some atomosphere and interactive secrets to mess with along the way but essentially I want my first release to be a simple fight, a few skirmishes and then one climax at the end.

does this vague, horrible essay remind you of any maps you've played/made? I'd like to hear about them and what makes a good example of a slower map.
Not sure if Quake lends itself well to slow maps. The player moves very quickly even under standard play. You can go really fast with strafe jumps. Thief would be a better game for this stuff 
True Love Waits 
The original, still the best. Map five or six of Zerst´┐Żrer. 
1) The Hell in a Can - takes a while to unfold, forces you to do chores.
2) Once Upon Atrocity - have to explore just to find the monsters. Finding the monsters is like a reward.
3) Middle Evil (slow because 4 Shamblers require exploration first)
4) Project Monster Free. 100% puzzles.
5) SpaceHulk 256 - because a silent fiend is right behind you every time you get comfortable and the paranoia means you have to be careful 

I mean slower as in fewer monsters overall, not a crap tonne of action all thruout.

I too like to go fast, so i keep that in mind. 
baker said the ones i would have said. 
In the Shadows -> stealth mode.
Ascending & Descending
Explore Jam
Caelestis Tumultus ?
Maybe The Anomaly 2 and RJ Zone on easy skill. 
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