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Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind!
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and someone else OTP won't name with a full wind tunnels map under the name "shambler".

Screenshot gallery
Download (5.96 MB)
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Thank you Tens* And yes, everyone can do whatever they want to while playing these maps. I spotted two things this time. One related to this yellow window, which can be walk through after scrags attacked. That window changes to illusionary. I kind of knew that even if it is logical, it is still possible that player will not notice it, and I assume you trusted on that you hit it already. Maybe I make it shootable which will trigger the same event.

And surely I will introduce these wind tunnels earlier. Maybe under the Obelisk there is undeeground tech rooms that control these magic wind tunnels.

Also enforcers are there because they are guards yet transporters through the slitgate ports. They just make sure that Ogres(smitchs) will use them. They protect supplies that clearly aren't from medieval time. Since grunts are more into technical stuff, Enforcers are stronger and move and protect these "boxes" 
Smiths I mean, sorry typos. 
@Tens & @FifthElephant 
Oh sorry, I confused FifthElephant's stream to ItEndsWithTens's Review, he almost played the same way as you described or something* 
Thanks FifthElephant for playing the jam. I caught the after recording so sorry to miss it live. Glad you enjoyed my map (mjb) and I only have released three maps so far (2 being jams) so you probably haven't played anything else of mine! 
Thanks For The Stream Fifth! 
I watched it live but couldn't comment because of my keyboard. 
Going To Stream This In A Little Bit 
Yes, I know I'm the only one who finds that the slightest bit interesting or fun.
I happen to like learning where names come from - even when it's from something as trivial as an Econoline. It's a glimpse into the author's thought process, and in this case said thought process is more interesting than "let's name it after a song I like". 
What Muggy Said 
Managed to catch the stream live but I couldn't comment since I was on my phone.

You have are some high octane stuff and I sat with a nervous twitch while seeing you jump to places I never intended haha. Nice job on getting the secrets and decimating my map! 
Yes, that's just the style I like to play and one of the main reasons I love Quake, fast and frantic gameplay and being able to do trickjumps etc. Thanks for making maps to play! 
Well That's A Relief 
Thanks for the comments, then, I don't feel quite as embarrassed to explain where my goofy map name came from. To be honest it usually is just song titles or lyrics, though I do try to make the levels suit them.

Agreed about Kaffikopp's stream! In a couple of the previous jams I've seen speedrunners play my levels, it's always a crazy ride. The dog/fiend gag I thought so highly of wasn't timed right for that speed of play, unfortunately, but it was still fun to watch. 
"wasn't Timed Right For That Speed Of Play" 
I've always run into that. Seems to be a balance that's hard to nail down. My sisters used to play my earlier maps frequently, one would rush, the other would be cautious. Fun challenge though to think about that sort of thing. 
I'm Not A Very Imaginative Person With Map Titles 
And just like Tens and a few other people I usually give my maps titles of pieces of music I happen to listen to while making them. These also 'dictate' how the map flows somewhat. Best example of that would be my jam2 map that starts a bit slow and ramps up considerably.

Conference of the Shamblers was named after the classic poem The Conference of the Birds but also this:
I Don't Mind If Your Hands Are Cold was straight up named after this track:
An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City of Celepha�s was named after that one:
Dysnystaxis {... A Chance Meeting With Somnus} (which caused issues with loading games because of the brackets) is named after that track:
Geometry of Murder is named after the classic Earth track of the same name:
Seeing Faces Where There Shouldn't Be Faces isn't named after a song title but lyrics from this:

The only maps of mine with names that don't come from song titles or lyrics are Ghastly Citadel, Acrophobopolis, Oblivionaut (wanted to call it Ethernaut) and Red Hatred. 
It Is Not Bad Practice At All 
After all many mappers doesn't speak English as their mother language. I often end up looking something from the lyrics or poetry. But I think, if it is possible.. having a short name that is quite unique, might be more powerful than the long one.

Extreme example of too long names might be some of those Japanese manga or game titles* 
My map will get a proper name for its proper release, the name reflected how I felt about the end product.

The map is a lot better ATM, but it's still just polishing a turd. 
Cool to see that other people actually care about the map title. For me, it is one of the initial things that sets me up for what I may be experiencing in the map...type of mood and the like.

I find I name maps like Skacky although not too much with music or lyrics but in that the title sets a theme for the map itself. 
Skacky that's incredible, thanks for sharing! I'd always wondered how you came up with those titles, they're some of the Quakiest goddamn names I've ever heard.

I really do enjoy a good map title, it adds tremendous personality to the level. Especially with Quake, which I think more openly than other games acknowledges the relationship between us and the mapper, the give and take of not just player versus environment, but player versus designer. Not usually outwardly confrontational, but with a cutesy back-and-forth playfulness that makes the experience more of a dance than a fight. A well chosen name serves as an introduction to that, like a charming pickup line. 
Very Nice Pack 
Played it a week ago. I enjoyed all maps, and each had some unique quality to them. Can't comment in much detail after this time, though. Why this was released to be run as a mod is beyond me. Demos

Breezeep: Theoretically a nice short romp, but apparently untested, because severe lack of ammo which makes gameplay frustrating.

Bloughsburgh: Proper E3M5 piece all around.

Tens: Oddly cute in a Sonic the Hedgehog sort of way.

NewHouse: Solid small map Bit green in places?

QMaster: Cool artistic/abstract architecture, bit of a geocomp vibe.

Shamblernaut: Bright, good trick with the fans.

S*****: Quality map, obvious heritage. End fight too little cover and too reliant on meticulous Quad timing. 
What's Geocomp? 
Thanks negke for playing, was fun to watch a later demo! Nice job getting the majority of the secrets and you actually almost got the most hidden one!


Ah, I see now. 
"A Bit Green In Places" 
You know, aliens/ancients* 
Ooh hey looky here.

Thanks for the demo, was fun to watch and nice going grabbing the secrets!

I enjoyed this because you took your swell time looking around. :) 
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