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Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind!
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and someone else OTP won't name with a full wind tunnels map under the name "shambler".

Screenshot gallery
Download (5.96 MB)
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Had to see who the guest star was.


Touchpadding it. Nice map! Very monster jumpy, scraggy map. 
Damn! I just got off the computer! Bah, I'll download it tomorrow... Curious to see who the guest star is.

Noticed a typo at imgur: it says retro jam 3 instead of 5. 
some good shit here.
thanks for organizing this, OTP - you non contributing fuck. 
A Finished Map By Onetruepimple?? 
Can't be: it doesn't have penis textures. 
Wind Tunnels Are Big Long Tubes Too... 
Thanks to this jam.. I finally find some use for these trigger_pushes. Unfortunately I didn't have time or interest to create anything longer. And it is not even very hard.. not even in nightmare mode.

Played through some of the maps already, will finish them all later today hopefully. 
Looking Forward 
Excited to play these tonight, I already took a peep at the guest star and very curious as to what I am going to be experiencing!

Congrats to all of the participants. 
Looks Like One Of My Fans Disappeared In The Final Build 
... but only in QS... weird. 
Screenshot. By the way, this map seems to have been lit with an older version of EricW's TyrUtils, because if you make the water invisible (r_wateralpha 0), the lighting on the floor of the shoreline indicates that the water casted dirtmaps on it.

And a couple more screenshots. This jam was really good. 
My map was lit with version 0.15.8, which was the latest at the time of the jam. 0.15.9 came out after I sent the submission, and apparently fixed a bug with lighting on bmodels, like the func_detail slop pile you see in your screenshot. Something about black fringes, which I take it is happening here; I didn't have dirtmapping enabled. I could have recompiled quickly and sent otp an updated version, but I'd done all my testing with the .bsp you're playing now, didn't notice any problems (I tested with both opaque and translucent water, but nothing stood out as an issue), and was exhausted, so I figured it was best to just let sleeping dogs lie. 
Updated Light Tools 
I used 0.15.8 also, didn't notice there was a new version already. Is that problem or something? 
EricW explains the issue in this post in his tools' thread. If you didn't notice any big problems with the lighting in your map when checking your final compile, I wouldn't worry about it. 
Just compiled again, and didn't see any differences. But there might have been some issues with my noir jam map back then. 
this was a nice pack. Enjoyed these maps a lot. Tho I've played them on skill 2, but should have played on skill 1 first. Here are demos (somehow managed to overwrite the second demo in breezep's map, sorry).
Spoiler: It's the derpiest derp you've ever seen. 
If My Map Didn't Have Enough Challenge. 
here is a bit harder version, not much but little:

Also don't know where these mysterious 4 kills are* I haven't found them yet in editor. 
Retro Jam 5 Is At QuakeOne

@NewHouse Do you have fish in your map? This may be it. 
Nice Maps Guys 
I have played most of the maps (5/7). Nice pack. Will post demos and commentary when I'm finished with all maps (sometime tomorrow).

Bloughsburgh, damn you and your spawns! 
yes, I do have 4 fish.. really, is that bug? 
Each fish counts twice, but still gives you one kill when you kill it. It's a bug in vanilla progs.dat. 
Skill 2:

That was a fun ride, so many creative maps it was an absolute blast to play!


I love the warm lighting here and the multiple layers, but the immense amount of in-your-face monster spawning got to be overwhelming. I liked the infighting that could happen on the top level though! Nice chunky brushwork as well.


This one steered away from the dank windy sewers to another realm. I liked the subtle green lighting you put on display here. I also like that you did something different with the trigger_push...making it almost like a vessel to create several small arenas. If I can throw a critisim it would be I would never say: "This is like E3M5!"


The name definitely suits the level layout! Very confusing use of trigger_push I almost felt like I was being watched by someone above the whole time. Different than the rest and I enjoy that fact. Again, I did not get an E3M5 vibe from this one.


The soft lights absolute drench in atmosphere and I certainly got the dark sewer vibe from this one. Menacing monster fights with the last one being an adrenaline rush! I liked the secrets. I think some of the sequences were a bit hardcore...perhaps too much so!


Award for the most unique map I would say. Really different...felt like some madman's medieval playhouse. No wind tunnel vibe here even though there are wind tunnels. The fans were a nice touch and not used to convey air pushing on any other map in the jam. Lighting was very flat.


Another very different take on wind tunnels. I liked the entirely different texture set used and the fact that the wind tunnel is used for a final send-off. I can't get a total sewer vibe but it's there!


Really awesome jam, it was a blast to make my map and I hope others had fun as well. I love seeing what people come up with when presented with the same theme. 
Here is the problem. The lighting is darker near the shoreline.

This may go unnoticed in most engines, but it becomes noticeable when using smooth shorelines (which some engines also supports through shaders). 
Thank you* I personally like more Episode 4. And I included a bit of episode 3 feel too, obelisk tower should feel a bit like episode 3. 
I think it is good that there weren't copies of E3M5. And don't know why it has to feel exactly like that map. I personally enjoyed these much more. 
It doesn't have to. I think Bloughsburgh might have been misled by the explicit mention of E3M5 in the old thread title, but if you actually read OTP's original post at, it's pretty clear this jam wasn't restricted to E3M5-style. 
I'm stuck at the "your fate is sealed" room. I can't find any button to press or shoot and the side tunnels are too high to grenade-jump to. Am I supposed to quad-grenade-jump into one of the tunnels? I tried that a few times with the very much expected result of insta-gib... 
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