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New RTCW Campaign The Dark Army
I just finished a first playthru of RTCW last week, this looks to be a nice addition.

Crap, I deleted this game only recently. Just my luck. 
It's standalone 
I haven't played RTCW in ages but I might give this a try someday, when I'm bored with quaking... 
Great Modification For RTCW. 
Congratulations for TITEUF-85 giving us this new adventure single player. 
Still No Luck 
Ran out of RAM after watching the intro. FML 
try "\com_hunkMegs 1024" in the console 
Insufficient memory right from the start. But setting the texture quality to "Low" helped.

I'm thinking about waiting for the version with subtitles though, whenever that one comes. Pretty hard to understand what some of the characters are saying. 
Version For RTCW Installed. 
This version is for RTCW installed: 
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