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Quake Upstart Mapping Project - In Beta Release, Link Included!
Update: Current release here:

Playtest and give feedback!

Idea is to encourage newbies to build a quake map, and stick them all together. Anyone is welcome to join, just add yourself in here:

The recent DUMP projects for doom have been good motivation to get people into mapping, or for old hands to do something casual. I started building a quake map and decided someone should start a QUMP project, although I'm a total noob to quake mapping, hopefully I can learn what I need to put this project together over the next few months. If a more experienced mapper wants to take over as organizer, I would be grateful, but I'll do what I can in the interim.
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Should we promo a bit about this? It is sometimes hard to let people know about this if not using blogs, simple articles etc. It would be idealogy to mention about this in others quake related sites as well. 
yep feel free to share it wherever you like 
Good Luck 
Really great idea, hope new mappers come to join in. 
One Question 
AD Mod or Just classic Quake? 
i would like AD, but i'm totally ok with classic quake. so no pressure.

it's possible to use AD Mod and don't use the new entities and functions?
if someone isn't confortable with them, the only changes are gameplay changes (projectiles shotgun, different AI, etc).

and since we are newbies, we are not familiarized with anything yet. if we don't use AD func, entities, etc features there is much complexity added? is there much difference between classic quake funcs (eg. funcdoor, funcplat) and the respective ad versions? are they mostly the same?
if not, then there is little harm in using AD.

i don't plan to use many funcs, triggers and more complex stuff anyway.

or we can decide later, i guess. 
Vanilla Vs. Chocolate 
You can do whatever you want but I would strongly suggest working with vanilla quake for first time maps. It is the base of what mods are built upon. 
id1 is better for beginners. AD has LOTS of stuff that can very easily be disorientating, even with the in-depth documentation. 
I would avoid AD stuff just for simplicity. keeping things vanilla will be the way to go, and its a good restriction for anyone who wants to work in ye olde style 
You are not allowed to enter this project! You're not a newbie! :) You will discourage noobs.
I'm preparing something different for You, project where you'll be able to show your aesthetics and skill. Will announce it soon. 
A link, I also added myself to the google doc. Feel free to give it a play right now, I'm curious to see what people think.

I don't think I've ever been this early for the deadline for anything before. 
vanilla will be the way to go
If you can edit your first post, you should specify rules like this there, so that people don't have to ask the question. If not, well, just keep it in mind for your next project. 
ok i'l shut up now :D .classic quake it is. put it somewhere in the main googledoc

original map sources!
i put it here for reference:

pritchard. fast map. didn't find second secret. played it two times. didn't like the door :D. i will check the triggers, func and whatnot in your source if i want to do that thing with the lights that reveal objects. 
Pritchard: I Liked It A Lot 
Nice map. :)

I know you've moved on since making this map and don't technically need any of this feedback, but here's what I thought (played on skill 1; not sure if you've implemented skill settings):

Clean construction, nicely designed rooms with respect to varied floor heights and designs that are not just simple rectangles, with rooms visible from other rooms, etc. It keeps things interesting aesthetically and in terms of gameplay -- in that encounters become a matter of height advantage, for instance, or that there are ways of breaking line-of-sight to dodge attacks.

Monster placement and selection was good, I thought. Lighting was good; maybe a tad too dark. Overall it feels very polished.

Having the key right next to the door is of course rarely a good idea, and the "key is revealed" mechanism only really works if the player does not venture into the little cave before killing the fiend; it would have been better, I think, if the key were visible but unreachable until the fiend is killed.

The map is extremely linear; a bit of a loop back at some point would have made things a lot more interesting. It's also a pity that at two points in the map, there is no way back.

The final arena has an interestingly complex trigger/platform/lift setup. It is well executed, although it comes across as a bit forced -- as in, it feels like complexity for the sake of complexity; like the mapper is trying to master as many things as possible.

I like the door to the final arena.

Secrets could be a bit better indicated, I think. It seems to be more a matter of being lucky in hitting the right wall than e.g. spotting a certain pattern.

The end feels abrupt, as the player just walks into a little room and then the map ends. A visible teleporter would have helped. Did you perhaps make the newbie mistake of thinking that your trigger_teleport would be visible in-game?

Overall, despite some flaws, it's an excellent first map.

PS: beginning_pritchard makes me think of Being John Malkovich. :) 
I thought the map had cool enemy encounters, where enemies came from behind, nice use of triggers. Game play was entertaining.

layout of the map reminded me of doom maps, its almost like an S-shape map which is good, however, there is not much exploration that can be made in the world. This is now my personal taste but i like to explore the map and i dont mind if some areas arent vital to the progression of the player.

Visually the world was themed consistently, it was too dark for my taste and i like dark maps.
If you want to come back to the map, you can add some low emission lights around with the value of 150-200.

Are there more of your maps somewhere that i can play? :) 
Am I Allowed? 
For months I've been stuck on the second map of my mod, Schlossherr, and I'd like to try my hand on something different to feel fresh about creating Quake content. 
sounds great.

Also I would also recommend making an id1 map if you're just starting out. 
Daya feel free yo join! Topher thanks for the source maps, always good to learn from the originals :) I added them to the google doc, as well as the specification of vanilla only.

It would be nice if we could edit posts and embed images here... 
You can't embed but you can at least post links to imgur or other image hosting sites. 
Great Idea 
Great idea. I've been meaning to create a Q1 map for years! I just signed up. Using TrenchBroom I'll be creating a remake of Hexen's first level: Winnowing Hall. 
Using TrenchBroom I'll be creating a remake of Hexen's first level: Winnowing Hall.

Loved to play that on deathmatch...great to see more sign ups! 
Extremely competent for what was then a first map. Straying away from the expected box hallways, we even get a little outdoor time. Lighting is a tad dark in areas but it isn't so dark you can't see.

Secrets were not marked well, I just randomly happened upon them being OCD with my ax.

I think the final section wasn't too complicated. It had a nice climatic feel to it...the exit is too abrupt and I would have been satisfied with just a room with a black texture on the back wall.

Leagues beyond what my first map. ;) 
All The Best... 
...with this venture. Patience is your friend. 
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Definitely agree with a lot of what people had to say - when I played through right before submitting and got to the end I was thinking to myself "Really? That's how I ended it?"...

It is quite a dark map, although I do tend to make pretty dark maps in general. It doesn't help that I map in a darkened room...

If anyone wants to play another map by me, check out my Noir Jam submission. It's the only other map I've released for Quake at this point. Perhaps leave feedback on that one in the jam thread, if you're so inclined. I'm always hungry for more opinions :P 
Played on skill 2 in DP. Not much to add to the choir except that grunts always feel weird in a medieval setting. I had a surprisingly hard time dodging ogres' grenades thanks to the architecture making them bounce in my general direction and the relative lack of lateral space to strafe. This is a good thing since ogres usually tend to be a little easy to fight.

You might want to come up with a better name than just "The Beginning", especially since QUMP will most likely not be structured like an episode and therefore have no formal beginning. 
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