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Quake Upstart Mapping Project - In Beta Release, Link Included!
Update: Current release here:

Playtest and give feedback!

Idea is to encourage newbies to build a quake map, and stick them all together. Anyone is welcome to join, just add yourself in here:

The recent DUMP projects for doom have been good motivation to get people into mapping, or for old hands to do something casual. I started building a quake map and decided someone should start a QUMP project, although I'm a total noob to quake mapping, hopefully I can learn what I need to put this project together over the next few months. If a more experienced mapper wants to take over as organizer, I would be grateful, but I'll do what I can in the interim.
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We might have been just too excited about that it is finally over. It is true though that it was mostly just tested by couple people in project, including me too. It is good to have now more public testing going on before we put it back to news. Thanks everyone for being active around this project. 
Hey Qumpers,

I've found a bug for you: the start map entrance to Brassbite's map links to "brassbite1.bsp", yet the file is called "qump_brassbite.bsp" -- so if you try to enter the map from the start map, you get thrown to console with an error message. 
Other Than That... first impressions are very positive. The start map looks great; I love the way it transitions into the theme of each individual map it links to.

Of the actual maps, I've only played gump_vingal so far. It's great fun, and hard to believe it's a beginner's map. There are a few misaligned textures here and there and some of the large swathes of brown brick look a bit samey in places, but overall the map looks great. The rock work at the beginning is particularly impressive. I really liked the secrets too. 
Brassbite entrance will be fixed in a day. 
if you try to enter the map from the start map, you get thrown to console with an error message

Good internal testing there... 
No need to point that out anymore, it is already being dealt with, you just have to wait a bit. Shit happens all the time. 
Nice, fixed and updated. Current version now qumpBeta2 
Either I've Missed Something Or Qump_brassbite Is Broken 
Still on the previous version you released; I started the map from the console.

Played on skill 1. Am at the top of the last tower, where you take the lift up and find the SNG. 87/90 kills -- I've just killed 2 fiends and a shambler. The way back down is sealed by bars, and now I seem to be stuck. Nothing else has opened up and the last three monsters have not spawned as far as I can tell. 
@total_newbie Thank you for noticing, that will be taken cared of asap. 
We've added your map in, but we're missing your skybox. Some very minor edits would be nice for your map, but I understand if that's not possible... 
Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors 
hey my first map will also be on the pack, newhouse made an entryway for it also. Thanks newhouse for including my map! :) 
We found your skybox too!
very fun map - Impressive that its your first! 
We have updated the files, added in naitelveni's map and the fixes to qump_brassbite, as well as some other minor edits The download link is the same

If I could edit the OP, I would add the link so its easy to find, instead of having to trawl through all posts here, but we can't edit posts here, so I'll just post it again: 
I think it could be time to make a release post with screenshots etc. its sunday so people have time to play it. 
NewHouse still wants to do a playtest run so maybe a few days yet until release. We are very close though.

I understand you lost your map file? There are a few minor tweaks that would be nice for your map - namely the broken floor in the starting area could do with a clip brush, and there is a z-fighting at the top of one of the arches on the lower level of the final area. Its no problem if you can't edit it though - they aren't map-breaking issues :)

Supposedly the news thread is for "finished projects that will never be updated" so I will probably wait until we stop editing things to post it there. I did initially post there (as I would do in a doom forum - post the beta project and get some feedback), but it was moved to the betas and screenshots thread, where there was no feedback. The people who did post on the news topic were more interested in correct forum usage than giving constructive feedback. 
Hexenmapper Don't Be Snarky. 
There's already two threads for beta feedback for this project: S&B, and this one itself. I've added the link to the top post. 
I personally didn;t want to test, sorry, I rarely do so unless specifically asked, as I like waiting for final releases, and I am looking forward to this one. 
I went and tested this bunch. As I understand it you're planning to release tomorrow but maybe these demos* can be useful at the last minute.

* - Daya, Nait, sorry haven't played yours yet, simply wasn't in the mood for more than one big map tonight, from what I've seen they work pretty fine so I'll give them a go at a later time.

I liked the start map but it needs some polish the most out of all the entries:

- the skybox (sky5) is missing
- that trim from nait's map looks really ugly here, remove the fullbrights and recompile
- the colored lighting is good but the reds at the slipgates and the purple (??) at the main skill hall are too saturated
- not obligatory, but perhaps give an angle to each trigger_multiple, like in the original start map

Almost every map (all of them except for Kres' and Nait's) bring up a # textures missing from BSP file, sometimes up to 39 missing textures! I understand TB doesn't make replacing missing textures easy right now but this is still sloppy. Simply open the .map file in your text editor of choice, do a search & replace for __TB_empty, then save and compile again.

I'll do longer/proper comments on each map once the final release is out, but for now I'd rank them like:

6. Pritchard - simply because it's the shortest and smallest
5. Brassbite - nice looks, gameplay-wise not much to write home about
4. topher - felt almost like a dream, would have been 3) but that super dark button annoyed me a LOT
3. Kres - very interesting, if a little unpolished, HARD - will finish later
2. Hexenmapper - cool & ambitious design, some weird brushwork
1. Vingal - best gameplay and layout, could use a second pass at visuals as some places were a bit barren but otherwise nice looking
0. Spud - really makes you think (with slipgates)

Well done. How long until a Tomb Raider Upstart Mapping Project? 
Really Trigger_onces Your Temporal Lobe? 
I thought I'd gotten rid of all the blank faces in my map, damn. Not sure how a last-minute joke map you can leap across in three jumps even wound up with that, better luck next time I guess.

It's surprising Trenchbroom doesn't show missing textures when replacing- wonder if that could be a feature in the future, just include it in the left side of the Replace Texture window with a red X for its icon or something.

not obligatory, but perhaps give an angle to each trigger_multiple, like in the original start map
Whoa, that's a thing you can do? I'd never actually noticed the id1 start map has angular triggers, probably because I never thought to walk into them backwards- can't even find any documentation online that mentions triggers having an angle field other than the actual triggers.qc QuakeC source at QuakeWiki, that seems like something that should be more widespread knowledge. 
Will see how those works out "angle in trigger_multiple"

I will cover everything else except red lights, they indicate difficulty level (more red -> harder), even if it is not the best execution of that concept, it is still an idea. 
Thanks for the feedback otp, very helpful!

I've added in the edits to brassbite / daya /topher and the start map and updated the files (link is the same)

@Shambler thanks for editing our OP for us - perhaps some day we'll be able to do this ourselves and not waste an admins time :) 
Demos, recorded in Quakespasm 0.92.2-admod (if information regarding port used to record them actually matters).
My impressions were pretty positive. I didn't find a lot of glaring and silly mistakes besides few misaligned textures here and there. Though I wonder if this small box in qump_vingal should be visible or not.
Also Bloody Sun by Danzadan and NewHouse is missing in readme file.
I also missed the entrance to qump_spud so it's not in the demos, sorry. 
Cheers Luna 
Good spotting on that dark trigger brush and thanks for the demos!

We've included the text file for qump_danzadan and the latest updates to a few of the maps, will probably be releasing in the next few days 
We Are Now Released! 
We've gone through the maps and fixed what we can, all the entrances and exits work fine.
10 maps in total to release with which is very nice!

Download Link:


Cheers to everyone involved, all those who helped with playtesting and bug reports.
I think the mappers should be incredibly proud - you've all done a great job :)

Stay tuned for QUMP 2 some day... 
Major props to all you guys! "Shipping" is the best feature.

I'm looking forward to seeing the interesting quirks from mappers who haven't had their rough edges filed off yet. ;-) 
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