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Arcane Dimensions: A New Quake World (Developer Interview)
Now that Arcane Dimensions 1.5 is released, we can finally share the developer interview that we've been working on for a long time. Hear all about the mod, the features and the design from the people who made it. Enjoy and read it here.
It's already been shared by Johnny Law in the AD 1.5 thread but thanks anyway, it's a good interview. 
That's Just Mean 
Putting a screenshot of ad_sepulcher [sic] at the bottom when it isn't even out yet.

Great read though. Has me wanting to start my own group to continue the mod since Sock will be leaving it to the community it seems. 
Yep, good questions and thoughtful answers. Nice to see Quake stuff on mapcore! Revisiting your roots. :-) 
Dead URL 
Is that interview still up somewhere? 
I guess Sock got it deleted when some people started complaining about borrowed content. 
Yeah it's a shame that the active site has lost it though. 
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