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Half-Life .MDL Spec
Hi y'all,
I've been working on a project and wish to load half life .MDL files, but can't (for the life of me) find any info regarding the format and it's layout.

If anyone has any info on the format or any resources that could help, they would be much appreciated!
Thanks for these links, however, the information they provide would only prove of real use if the mdl files contain each of these classes' data in this order, and if each of these sections are static. If this is a double yes, (which I hope so), then I'll crack on immediately, but can someone perhaps verify this? 
Sledge's code might be useful (C#, GPL-licensed hammer style editor supporting GoldSrc): 
Wow! That looks like exactly what I've been looking for! (or close enough anyways). It even has Source support?!, Who knew!?.

Thanks a bunch for the help, I'll keep y'all posted. 
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