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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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Date- 7 jan 2017, time - ? (in UTC) 
I want to release it on jan 8th, so I want to recieve all the map to jan 7th, early jan 8th is the latest time to send the maps. But I hope to get all entries to jan 7. Don't plan anything epic, no monsters maps are usually small but with lots of stuff in them. 
Deadline ? 
For an exploration theme, I think the deadline is way too short. Give the mappers at least a full week, so they could add interesting details to look at ! 
It Is Fine 
This prevents from people running away with their map. Short and concise is great for this! 
Explore jam is not about making large gorgeous environments, it's about something simple and interesting. The first exlore jam had one day deadline (which was extended to 2 days) and 1024 box restiction. This one provides some more time. tbh I can hardly imagine a big map without mosters that doesn't fall in getting repeatative. So making something short is the key. 
Some Deets 
What water alpha are we dealing with here since it is vanilla?

Anything else to note that wasn't in the main post? 
Wateralpha 0.65 
So what can you do to this map jam exactly, sorry it was a little unclear to me.

Puzzles only, but no jumping puzzles? No jumping at all, only something interesting to look at but not interact? 
I think that the jumping puzzles are allowed. Only monster are forbidden. 
The original post is badly worded. I think it means "no monsters, but everything else is fair game". 
Oh True 
no monsters is the main statement, the rest is the list of examples what can be there: traps, crushers etc. 
Thanks Moderators 
updated post to say "No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers..." 
Good Luck 
I really struggled to make something for the last explore jam. It's harder than you think! 
You have another chance.

But you're right, it's not that easy to make maps without monsters, but it's an interesting challenge. 
I'm In 
i'll make one
it's ok to use skills to tweak the difficulty of jumps?
so, i put three func_walls, with spawnflags "not on easy/normal/hard"

i may drop it later. 
yep, it's fine 
What is the maximum length | height of the jump in vanila Quake? 
Aww Man January 7th? 
I'm in. Who needs sleep? 
These based on what I tried in Quakespasm.

About 192 pixels or bit more, if you're thinking about running and jumping right from the edge and both platforms are in a same height.

Jumping up max is 40 but try to prefer 32 pixels. 
How Do You Make A Healing Pool In Vanilla Quake? 
Healing Pool In Id1: 
Pool of water with a func_illusionary bottom with health packs hidden underneath. 
Like The Healing Pool On E4M4? 
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