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Explore Jam 2
Explore Jam 2 is released. You have five experimental maps from Bloughsburgh, Naitelveni, Newhouse, PuLSaR and Topher.

No monsters, just mind-blowing puzzles, crazy jumping, traps and many more.



Find your way to the exit, explorers!
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Thanks for playing and glad to know someone reads READMEs! Wasn't aware of the lack of slow pulse with DP that's pretty bad as that is the only clue to that pillar. I find that KooHoo textures did not work very well with colored lights or the difference was so marginal that I preferred to stay pure. My test with DP only noted the lack of proper alpha key support on func_illusionaries and some other minor lighting issues but I do make sure to 100% the map with the engine.

In future explore jams, I think I may go a different route.

Haha that makes more sense that they are kris daggers but I can't unsee the orange lizard so it stays. ;)


Watched you play through and although it does appear explore jams are not your style you still managed to get the most difficult pillars! You earned that noclip as you totally made the jumps! You were hoping for an exit and there actually is one down the dark corridor near the 29 pillar barrier! 
someone reads READMEs!
I almost always do, and regarding yours you can scratch the "almost" part. They're quite interesting to read beyond the secrets walkthrough. This one lacks the design process, though - I'll make sure to watch it on YT.

lack of slow pulse with DP
No clue why this happened, or rather didn't. Lightstyles usually work fine in DP.

that is the only clue to that pillar
Not really: there's the biosuit. It would be overkill just for the submerged pillar, so I thought "there must be more" and that's what prompted me to axe the lights. 
Seems Like A Good Explore Jam. 
Some cool styles and what looked like decent puzzles etc. I really couldn't be bothered to play more than a couple of minutes tho. 
Pretty cool map, specially because it intuitively made me perform some jump tricks I didn't knew before (the vertical C-jump).

My engine doesn't support fog yet, all platforms were identical, used the same texture on all sides and were uniformly lit. This made the path a bit confusing when quickly jumping and maneuvering.

The floaty platform movement was really well done.

Another impressive explore jam map from you. This one is more ambitious, but also more rough.

The respawning health & ammo at the beginning is a nice touch, specially because the only way to go back to the beginning is from the end. This makes sure that they won't make the map too easy.

Maybe it's because my engine doesn't support colored lights, but it seems there's too many pitch black areas. Also, it seems you thought that that shootable button texture is fullbright, because I've found at least one shootable button in a pitch black spot. I've got all runes, but couldn't find all buttons.

By the way, it was impossible for me to jump to the highest part of the crusher to reach the last rune, so I just noclipped it. Trying to jump from the wall light didn't help. 
"C" Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) 
the vertical C-jump
How do you do that? I tried slope jumping and doing a 180� but it sends me everywhere except where I need to...

but it seems there's too many pitch black areas.
In DP with the .lit, it's not pitch black but it is quite dark. Maybe you should try playing it in a completely dark room? 
yeah, the quality of my map is low
but i decided to release to gain momentum and motivation to map more

also, i think those are cool jumps. i spent too much time testing the jumps and not texturing and putting lighting. in hard skill the jump in the plataform is pretty hard. it's a "pro" circle jump, with a relatively low margin to succed and precise yaw control. i can do it, but after many attempts.

i always liked that funky quake physics and vector math since i discovered how to access the quad damage secret in e4m1

also like trichording in descent94 
a demo in hard

you can jump until you make it (in normal) or rage quit in frustation.

you have to perform a "strafe jump" ('w' + 'a' or 'd') and then control the yaw (fancy way to say that you have move the mouse left or right) along the duration of the jump. 
Hahaha ... I love what Bloughsburg did with the platforms. Insane! 
Maybe it was easier for me because I've played it on easy skill, but instead of running forward to climb the ramps, I've turned my back to the ramps, ran backwards over the ramps, and then pressed +forward immediately after jumping. This was way easier than trying to do a 180� turn in mid air. 
Thanks For Your Tips, Guys! 
I'll try again. 
I've found at least one shootable button in a pitch black spot.

Every button in dark area has a minlight on it or a light source near it.

By the way, it was impossible for me to jump to the highest part of the crusher to reach the last rune, so I just noclipped it. Trying to jump from the wall light didn't help.

It is possible. Other secrets are hard to find, easy to reach type, this one is the opposite type. It's easy to find but you have to find a way to reach it. Use environments around. That crusher has lowered damage and a respawning health near it to allow multiple tries.

Also I think that my default setup is brighter than most of others. Will have this in mind when lighting future maps. I was just blown away when discovered bounce lighting. Made previous two maps with just bounced lighting and no fill lights for contrast dramatic lighting. Though a lot of people found it to be too dark. 
Hah thanks man, creating those func_trains made me insane so maybe that's why I decided to punish everyone. <_> 
Every button in dark area has a minlight on it or a light source near it.

See this (sorry for the hi-res/low-res texture mishmash):
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2 
Oh yeah, it was that button that made me realize that I'll have to devote a lot of time for the rest.

It sorta kinda has a clue, but I'm not sure it was even intentional. 
Ha Ha! 
One good reason to use DP+SMC: Seven's mod includes a flashlight... 
BTW mankrip, I actually CAN see a faint red glow from the star on the button in your first pic... 
I found that button (by accident, more or less), and even I wasn't able to see it before I saw the second shot. 
I can see that button on my setup, it has minlight 50 (or 70, will check when I get home). and that screenshot looks way more dark than what I see on my system (gamma 0). 
I actually had to open that screenshot in GIMP and do a "selection by color" to find out what you were talking about. That's the darkest red color in the whole Quake palette (0A0000, index 64).
I'm looking at this screenshot on my work pc. I need to compare it to what I will see on it when I get home 
I Can See It On My Phone Just Fine, 
though I really have to pay extra attention to see it. Maybe you need to adjust your monitor's brightness/contrast? Or you need glasses... ;p 
I've made an experiment: I made a screenshot (where I can clearly see the button), watched it on my monitor and watched it on my tablet. I couldn't find the button when watcing the screenshot from my tablet, tho I can see the button and the box from my monitor. The other thing is that I can't see the button on your screenshot even on my monitor therefore your engine provides a darker picture than QS or Mark V.

On the other hand I need to calibrate my monitor. 
Mark V screenshots:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

It has nothing to do with my renderer; the lighting in my renderer is still faithful to the vanilla software renderer. 
To be fair, I can see it slightly better on your Mark V screenie. I have a hunch that it may be due to your dithering: in your Super8 screenshot, red dots are mixed with black dots. 
Pulsar's Map Was Rad... 
The button beneath the retracting floor bars was a little tough to spot and there wasn't enough room on the crusher ride up, but the exploration was fun. There is plenty of nice, clean architecture to jump around on.

Loved that building sinking into the lava!

Now, on to the others... 
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