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24h Map Jam
The theme is Base, think about E1M1 from quake.

The maps will be played on ID1, that is no mods. custom skyboxes are allowed.

The deadline is 11.1.2017 5PM CET

(checkout the clock if you arent sure about the time

Send maps to:
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Looks Good Mukor 
Good night. 
Holy moly! =D

Have a good night! 
So you could map today, after all... Screenshot? 
Yeah, I made something little.. getting really frustrated that I didn't find right textures, and it started looking more like Quake 2's army outdoor areas.. but hopefully it is fine. 
I recieved Mukor's and NewHouse's maps and im ready with mu map also. If there is anyone out there who needs a couple of extra hours ill be ok with delaying the thread for that while. 
Well, Q2 design borrowed heavily from Q1 base design in the first place, so I guess it's OK. I actually liked the design in Q2, it's only the fact that the entire game had no variation in environments that made it somewhat boring in the long run. From what I can see, you managed to capture the overwhelmingly heavy style of Q2 architecture alright. 
Really wanted to create red id base, but those textures didn't looked as good as these darker metal textures against that dark red sky. 
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