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24h Map Jam
The theme is Base, think about E1M1 from quake.

The maps will be played on ID1, that is no mods. custom skyboxes are allowed.

The deadline is 11.1.2017 5PM CET

(checkout the clock if you arent sure about the time

Send maps to:
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Speedmap 178! 
Because Every Map Needs A Skybox 
Even if it's just a single room. 
I Remember The Speedmap Sessions 
Cranky Steve here we go! 
Vai ett� kentti� haluat? Min�p� teen jotain iltapaksi. 
Talk English On Func 
So you seem to want maps, eh. I will be making for the breakfast. 
Everything looks better, when you can see the sky. 
Jams...Jams Everywhere 
Jammed out, but I hope you get some takers.

24 hours could be appealing to some! 
off to a good start: 
Mukor That Looks Retro As Hell! :D Good Job 
Nice Start! 
Looks great you two! 
I started something for this but I hugely doubt I'll be able to finish it by tomorrow. 
Nice Screenies Y'all 
Skacky, I love your variation on the slipgate design. If you don't have time to finish your map for this jam, don't scrap it. Make something of it. Where does the texture with the big arrow and "slipgate" spelled out come from?

So am I looking this clock? 
Rock Around The Clock 
CET (Central European Time) is GMT+1, you NewHouse are GMT+2, so 5PM CET = 6PM in Finland.

As a side note, I find it funny that CENTRAL European Time includes WESTERN continental Europe... 
Hmm.. so about 6h jam this time* 
Sorry, but I really can't map today, I will do dlc for sure this night. 
"DLC" for a "24h Jam"?

It's called releasing a standalone map. 
Or is it? you really seems to know. 
Closer And Closer 
To the deadline!

Looks nice Skacky, hope you are able to finish! 
With 4 Hours To Go It His Highly Unlikely 
i will make it in 4 hours, let it be a great challenge. 
Good! A good amount of personality i'm seeing there.


And now for sleep. I've been mapping for 24 hours. Literally. 
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