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New Q1SP (AD) Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle
Large Bucket of Sand, Stone and Water!
Screenshot Download
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First Post. 
OMG sock map!! Looks well cool. 
Looks Amazing 

We have to have a talk. 
Just noticed this. It's like a mini Christmas! 
Well.... early / smaller version of this would have been great as part of the Egyptian retrojam, before expanding to this full AD version. Pity you didn't that but regardless this is a great release on it's own.

I had a blast playing it, I haven't played Quake and I'm caffeinated off my tits so I was a bit skittish but got through it first time. The lower floor of the water room was a bit hectic and the lift was cool, but everything was well balanced apart from a slight ammo lack at the first NG. The "multiple crossbowmen doors" room had me bouncing around with glee, really fun. Also loved the classic Sock secrets style, so much fun exploration. Architecture was all good, not as spectacular as outside maps, but it's cool to have an inside / tomb focus and it worked well, obvz the waterfall room was sweet.

Funny enough as much as I'm not overkeen on spiders / scorpions / floating wizard shizzle, they'd have worked really well with the vibe of this map. 
This is an excellent map, extremely sockesque in all the usual ways. Really enjoyed it! Loved all the ambush setpieces and the exploration :) 
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