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New Q1SP "Unholy Ossuary" By MissBubbles
An Episode 3 themed map by QuakeOne User 'MissBubbles'

Screenshots: can be found on the QuakeOne thread

Download: it seems like the file has been updated a couple of times, but I think the latest download link is here from post #27 in that thread.

Note there is no readme file and it's not in a zip, and the filename is RuneWorld03.bsp.
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Yeah that underwater trap was really well done. 
Not much more to say what hasnt already been said.
Just one more thing: Under which rock did you hide for so long? ;)

You made E3 and E4 maps. Will E2 be next? I would love to play an episode with different styles from you. That would be awesome.

Keep up the great work! 
This map helped me understand what people like so much about "retro" here. Gonna save this one as reference for encounters. Everything feels just right. 
E2 Is Indeed Next! 
@mankrip Thanks mankrip! I appreciate the comment about replayability.

@mukor Thanks - I thought it was pretty simple actually but I'm glad people seem to like it. In my opinion what makes it surprising is the fact that it's underwater. I'm sure there's been plenty of custom Quake maps out there to utilize underwater traps, but usually you don't see this happen in the stock id maps, so it adds an extra level of danger and unpredictability.

@Christian Haha, well I've been mapping for well over 10 years now but I've never been one to release my work. Quake, however, is a new endeavor for me. I grew up playing Quake but I never bothered to make maps for it until a few years back when I got into mapping for Doom. I found out that mapping for retro games is very enjoyable because you can bang out a fun and wacky map in a short amount of time, without having to worry about too much scripting and detailing.

And yes, E2 will be next!

@Adib Wow, that's quite nice of you to say! I'm flattered that you found inspiration in my work. 
E2 Screenshots 
Hi MissBubbles, do you have some screenshots to show already? I cannot wait. 
Screenshots Here you go :) 
This Looks Great! 
Those shots are nearing uncanny valley territories. 
I love those screenshots! 
Thanks guys - I'm glad you like the screenshots!

I don't know when the map will be ready. This map, unlike the others I have done, started with no ideas for a layout whatsoever, so it has evolved quite a lot as I work on it, and as a result I've hit a couple of roadblocks with how to progress the layout and connect some areas.

I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually, but right now things aren't progressing as fast as I'd like them to. 
Awesome Shots 
hope the lack of initial layout resolves into something fun and tangled and non-linear!
good luck! 
Nice Oldschool Map 
Proper classic metal style.

Lighting is okay, though I feel like it could've been a little more contrasted. The flames all use "delay 5" which seems to flatten the overall lighting where E3 style works well with dark corners. Some jagged shadows, too - be sure to run light with -extra or even -extra4 for improved smoothness.

Gameplay is fun; I played on skill 2 and got through fine. Ammo is tight, I never ran out, but a few more missed shots and I would've been forced to use the axe or grenades later on. Found all secrets which helped; probably hairy situations without.

Overall, a very nice first release. 
Hey, thanks for the feedback and demo negke!

Lighting is definitely not my strong suit unfortunately. I think I improved a bit with my " Well of Lost Souls " release by avoiding the " flat " lighting you mentioned in favor of sharp, dark corners allowing me to hide secrets and monsters within them, something that seemed to suit the Episode 4 theme quite well.

I would like to continue to improve upon my understanding of lighting in the future though! I'll play around with it some more in future maps and check out the settings you mentioned as well. Thanks! 
Kind of bummed that this one isn't on Quaddicted. I wonder if I should zip it up and submit it, but it should have a readme file too. Was there some more "packaged" release out there or is it really just the bare bsp? 
Repacked and put on a non-Drive site at (for now) 
Good Call Johnny 
this is a map that deserves some love 
I would've never heard of this one if you hadn't revived this old thread. Just what I needed after a long workday! 
@Johnny Law 
These are different maps.

The first link you posted is for "Well of lost souls" and the second is for "Unholy Ossuary", both maps made by Samantha "Miss Bubbles" McNallen ;) 
Hmm yeah, C&P error there on the Drive link from me poking around in that old forum thread. Anyway the is the one I mean. 
Aye, MissBubbles ... 
... maps are great! Very good vanila style. Just the way we like them :)
Thank you for resurrecting. Anybody know if she made a new one since then? 
Excellent map. Beautiful, atmospheric lighting, solid gameplay with fun surprises. 
Best Vanilla Map, Eh? 
Well, I haven't played all of 2017's maps (yet), but this seems well deserved. A really great map, loved every second of it. Ammo quantity is juuuust right for it to be a little challenging on skill 2. Encounters are good, too. Overall I loved it. Make some more, please!
My playthrough (with Polish commentary): 
more please! 
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