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New Q1SP: SurveylLance ZtateMent
This map is brought to you by hexcalk, now with crazy advertisement ripoff statements such as "lightning gun not included" and much more! Well, yeah, something like that, but the map surveylLance ztateMent focuses on a detailed aesthetic built upon sock's tp-industrial texture wad, which was used in his concept map "The Bridge Crane". I put in over 1 month of effort into this novelty, and as a result (coupled with beta-testing), it's a marvel of interesting artworks.

Beside that, the gameplay gets harder than preceding hc maps. Ammo and health are now barely enough to catch up with the most intensity, though it's not too scarce. Enemy/monster encounters are more varied because the map is more dynamic than hc1, and thus the average amount of enemies you see per room is denser; some of it's tight-quarters, and some of it's otherwise. Also, the lighting got more varied and darker.

surveylLance comes in two flavors, one grey ceiling-oriented, and one yellow ceiling-oriented. By the way, I didn't take a screenshot of this level since it was too hard to do so with the still-visible corpses and hordes.


"I inaccurately denied that I did a screenshot, for that I did several of them for hc3.

I just took this one recently in response to your needs for the screenshot."

Screenshot link:

Quaketastic download:
surveylLance ztateMent yelow:
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Continued From #30. 
I've been watching Arrrcee's The Quake Grave normally and it was no surprise that he covered my first 3 maps. Yes, he'll definitely cover surveylLance (hc3). 
grats hex on getting your map on GG RC! :) 
Yes, I did it! It's on GG RC now! :) 
Love Arrrsee's Quake Grave 
I am heading home from a long day at work to watch the latest.

Hexcalk your maps are getting better and better! Congrats and just keep on mapping. 
Yes, even my next map is getting better. 
Hc3xtendslight: SurveylLance ZtateMent Extend Slight 
Yet another new version of hc3 is out. More enforcers!

Quaketastic download: 
It seems interesting that most people are not commenting about the updated versions of hc3, but there exists no doubt of Extend Slight being definitely better than preceding incarnations. 
ffs, name your maps with some semblance of creativity in a "grown up" way please. And stop releasing yet another version after version of the same freakin' "my first map".

If you can't tell by now, if you yourself have the most posts in your own release thread there's something a little off about yourself, it's unnatural.

The best thing I liked about your map was it was easy to delete, just a simple .bsp, gg. 
Exactly right. Now I regret making more than 1 version of my map. I'd immediately stop being the person with the most comments in this thread. Great advice by the way, damage_inc. The title didn't include anything leetspeaky, but it was misspelt, because I was criticized for not naming my maps in a "grown up" creative attitude (as in "implo1t dys3ngage"). This map's title, unfortunately, is not grown up enough. 
why do you weirdly keep talking in a passive voice and make odd phrasings?

It seems interesting that most people are not commenting about the updated versions of hc3

why? why it's interesting? it's not interesting at all. it's pretty simple actually.

i want to think that you are not a native english speaker.
i'm not, btw. but i'm like "wtf?"

don't expect people to play 4 updated versions of a map if it's not a beta. "beta". it's such a basic concept, but you keep posting 4 updates of your maps after they are released. 
As For Your Map... 
you don't need to put curved corners in every goddamn corner of every room in the map.

your maps still have a lack a lot of consistency. it's not quite as bad as your first map, you are improving.

everything is too random for me
your maps are like this: 
"You Weirdly Keep Talking In A Passive Voice And Make Odd Phrasings?" 
I am a native English speaker, but I do "odd phrasings" because I need to make my words less redundant (as in using words too many multiple times in a paragraph). I make updated versions of maps in response to comments about problems in them, for instance this level was updated since someone said that it was not vised. I talked passively because I didn't want to be hostile easily. Granted this passiveness, some of my comments (for example: when I said hc0 was "good (at least somewhat)") are unreliable (at least partially). 
I don't care about cartoons (Family Guy is horrible, The Simpsons is bad, Adult Swim is terrible, let's leave it at that). That's a reason why my YouTube channel user image is of Homura Akemi from the 2011 anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. But let's not drift ourselves into off-topics. 
i'm not trying to drift off-topic
i think that homer's webpage conveys very well my impression when i'm playing the map (and your previous maps)

it's random. it lacks consistency. it's random things thrown together. they don't follow visual clues and guidelines set by other quake maps. like that func_plat in the middle of slime.

as i said, it's not quite bad as before, but... 
Agree completely. 
Example Maps. 
Area 51 and Discordia are consistent Quake maps. The Horde/City of Zendar uses visual clues and guidelines. czg's Terra is not random. 
Just relax. 
My review (I only played the non-yellow version linked in the first post):

There's a number of areas that serves no purpose, and at least one encounter that won't happen if the player won't go searching for the remaining enemies after having cleared the path to the exit. Missing encounters is something that usually only happens for encounters contained in secret areas, but the room of the encounter in the wall above the pool is not a secret room.

The encounter setups were usually not bad, there were a number of interesting encounters. But in some places they were undermined by the architecture, which contained paths that served no purpose at all (not an advantage point for attacking the enemies, no items to help in the battle, no buttons or triggers that need to be activated, etc.).
This shows that you lack an understanding of map navigation, which is pretty much about predicting all the different ways in how the player may try to explore the map, to make sure that the exploration will be rewarding in some way.

I don't have a problem with the amount of round corners; they would look better with phong shading, though.

There's a number of other things that could be improved, but the main point for me is the poor map navigation. Not all of it was bad - there were some points, like the air duct, which were really nice. But map navigation is something that needs to be done by taking the whole map in consideration at once; all of the individual routes must make sense in the larger picture. 
Can't wait for Hc3extensionofthelastextensionwhichwasalreadyanextensiondidisayiextendedthemapimeanireallyextendeditbutforgottovisagainl0l: SurveylLance ZtateMent EXTensIon Of The Last EXTensION WhICH Was Already An EXtension Did I Say I ExtenDED The Map I MEAN I ReallY EXTENDED IT But Forgot To VIS AgaiN L0L 
Can't agree more skacky. I think the overall amountness of extended releases has probably overexceeded the socially acceptable norms and behaviors. I will try to tune down the extendedness of releasingness in hc5 which will be in development as soon as hc4 exits the sub-beta mode and will be available for testing in the appropiate func messageboard posting bulletin. 
Just Move On And Be Brave! 
I think especially the first few maps should be left behind if mistakes happen. So you will get more attention and praise if you just move on to new maps instead of polishing. You have been improving from every single release to the next one. So practising will make you an awesome mapper overtime.
Looking forward to hexcalk4 :) 
i don't want to extend and extend (lol) my comments

but with passive voice i was refering to this: 
Oh Yeah, I Get The Point. 
You're all right all along. 
This is an AI in training. 
AI In Training. 
Yep, one that is less surveillance-centered than the ones at SkyNet. 
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