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Mod Team Wanted
Hey, I have some great ideas for a Quake Mod. It follows the same path from Nehahra, has a little of other game mods in the mix, like the Guncaster mod for Doom. My idea is the same way, but with a storyline that has cutscenes that are actually not annoying to see. Might even want to watch those cutscenes over and over again because something cool is going on. This'll be unique on every aspect. Original. Might sound like we a whole company to build it, but I have a couple ideas for a demo version if that makes sense. If I can get some help, I would appreciate it. I'm just overflowing with ideas and can't contain them, and I apologize. I greatly would like to have an adventure with this project. Both learning things I didn't know and things to improve on as well. Please let me if you're interested.
Ok... but first show us some progress. Do you have anything to show? Or you're another "I have an idea" guy? Even your previous work counts, as an evidence of your competence. 
I think I wasn't specific on that it is gonna be first project. Somebody from the Quaddicted forums told me to come to these forums for a better chance. So, no there are no previous works. I would like to start some where though. 
Not to be harsh, but nobody is going to join you if you have nothing to offer. You need to at least do something to make people want to join your project, and no, ideas are not enough. 
That was me referring you here. Welcome to hell.

But seriously you should try some Quake C coding yourself and show the gang here what you can do. Years ago I had an idea for a Q3 mod and got a couple of programmers to help me. I worked on a design doc and generated most of the art assets. It was a simple mod too but because I lost two programmers in a row the project died. We got maybe halfway through. It was very frustrating but I don't really blame those two coders. They had lives of their own and projects of their own.

I should have learned to code and the mod would have had a life eventually. But I relied on others.

Also in my experience mod teams begin with one capable person who impresses and inspires others to join the project. Be realistic about what you want to try and understand that everyone has their own ideas. 
Like I said better off some where. Thanks again, dumptruck. 
What i love about this place. They are do-ers, not dreamers. So on ya bike matey :) 
If you are starting, maybe try mapping first. It will verify your idea and motivation. 
i also have lot of ideas

ideas are more inexpensive than ever in this new era of internet. even good ideas.

you need time, knowledge and patience

and the most important thing is being a jack of all trades.

if i want to make a mod, at the very least i would do most of the coding, only asking for snippets and specific questions of quake quirks or some testing. 
Somebody from the Quaddicted forums told me to come to these forums for a better chance
so who trolled us there? 
Iwill join,but I need a few months to pactise.
I know a bit of coding and mapping,but I suck at both. 
Also yeah,take everyone's advice and practice.
I can only join after March 19 and I can dedicate more time after April is over so practice.

Good luck man.If you ever need an .fgd/.def(mapping sets that allow you to add stuff to a map without changing an entities name(like monster_cat to monster_skackyis_wearingdiapers) then just ask madgypsy for help. 
Me. Wasn't trolling but thought someone might have some words of wisdom. 
Yeah you've got to do your time in the trenches first. Do a small solo project, show us you're legit, and that's when things start happening. 
I meant after March 17 6:30 IST. 
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