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Floating Enemies In Quakespasm
Is this normal? I noticed it happens on many maps. I kill an enemy and they float.
Yes This Is Normal 
now go map
and why is this a thread at all 
On this forum the 'norm' is to not start a new thread for every tiny topic. Just put it in the Quakespasm engine thread next time you have a similar question. Not youre fault for not knowing this, it's a rather unwritten rule. 
it is written, in the instructions on the "Start a New Discussion Thread" page. 
Now this thread is doomed to exist for all eternity, further cluttering up the archives... 
Its just ~*~*~Spatial Transcendence~*~*~ in effect. 
...why do they float? And what can be done about it?

(trying to make the thread worthwhile) 
Probably changed the max fps setting? Values higher than 72 mess up the physics. 
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