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What Do You Anticipate / Desire In The Far Future Of Gaming??
Big up the gaming philosophy massive, your time.

Something I've been pondering on. Gaming has progressed a lot in the 20 years I've been into it - for better or for worse. VR is now a thing, digital distribution is default, online connectivity is obligatory, consoles have refused to die out, day 1 patches plague most releases, graphics have sky-rocketed, DLC has replaced mission packs, casual gaming and interactive movie games have brought in billions (of plebs, and dollars).

Things are moving "forward" whether we like it or not. But some aspects we might like or be hyped for, yes??

So, look towards the next 20 years:

What do you think will happen in terms of gaming overall?? What aspects / genres / features etc are likely??

And....what do you WANT to happen?? What aspects / genres / features etc do you hope will be realised as gaming progresses??


A couple of desires from me.

1. I hope for general accessibility of games, i.e. all games to be accessible to all players. This means no more exclusives, games made for / ported to all main platforms, fully featured control systems (key rebinds, controllers supported, etc), fully featured graphics options. I guess this is pretty much a pipe dream but it's the main thing I think is still missing from the industry.

2. Gaming franchises being big and deep enough to provide GOOD different genre games in the same universe. Games Workshop games obviously do this but that's a bit of an outlier as that universe is so huge and deep. But there's been mixed success elsewhere. Mechwarrior did it great with Mech Commander (2 at least), but Halo (Wars), Syndicate, XCom cross-genre pollination has been less successful. I'd like to see if devs could do a good job with some franchises out there. Doom4 turn-based squad-tactics (why not? got the weapons and bestiary for it). Starcraft covert-ops FPS (could be great). Dark Souls ARPG (halfway there already).

3. The furthering of the graphical stalemate to allow a focus on strong styles / themes, and on gameplay mechanics. This is already happening that games generally look great these days so you can't make something stand out with fancy water or fog or whatever, but there's still that last push to photo realism which may or may not occur in imminent decades, but if/when it does, and every engine looks broadly comparable, hopefully devs will have to focus on striking art styles on the graphical side, and intriguing gameplay too.

And a couple of predictions:

1. VR will keep being a thing. Because companies can sell VR machines.

2. Errrr, that's it.

I don't have that strong views about this, so hit me with yours, yo!
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I am honestly looking forward to an honest-to-goodness spiritual successor to Quake - thematically and mechanically, with relevant upgrades where appropriate.

And life-like VR sex games. 
Shambler Dating Sim 
That might be a bit specific, but in terms of:

More games that provide a good blend of old skool visceral action, dark gothic atmospheres, with modern production values and tweaks.

I think most of us would get behind that?? And yeah Quake is the prime example of that.

I forgot to add that general desire to my list. There's a fair gap between the slickly produced, good GFX, linear interactive cover shooter movie bullshit FPS, and the fast paced deliberately crude ass ugly pseudo-retro bullshit FPS. Most previous attempts to bridge the gap have failed (Painkiller - bland and arena-y, Serious Sam - badly themed hordes, Bulletstorm - cheesy naffness). And that gap should be filled with, well, spiritual successor to Quake type stuff.

Doom4 did a good job I think. I wasn't initially convinced by the "so desperate to avoid D3-style criticism feature ticklist", but really it worked well. It looked great, had some many cool vistas and scenes compared to D3, had the usual RPG-lite-lite tweaks and upgrades, but still good brutal action. OTOH it was a bit artificially arena-y and the bestiary doesn't have the same overall evileness of Quake's best monsters. But it showed a lot of potential for this genre so hopefully it will become more of a thing in the future. 
Another Thing I Forgot.... 
5. DLC being released honestly, suitably priced and clearly and explicitly described.

DLC has a lot of potential to be a really good thing, but also a really bad thing. I'd like there to be an unwritten rule that nothing is deliberately left out of the game, and the released game provides a full and complete experience, and that any additional DLC is just that, additional. I also think it should be kept clear where DLC adds additional features (characters / weapons etc), what DLC is purely cosmetic, and what DLC actually adds additional gameplay areas (levels / missions / etc).

So far I've rarely bought any DLC but sometimes I've seen it done in an appealling way to me. Skyrim DLCs had two full mission pack DLCs that added proper new areas, missions, story, etc etc, just like mission packs of old. And Mordheim shipped with a plenty adequate 4 races, added two more as DLC, as well as characters for each race. The Skaven felt complete "out of the box" with Assassin / Gutter Runner / Grey Seer / Black Skaven / Rat Ogre / 2 basic troops, but I also bought the Plague Wind Globadier to add extra fun, that worked fine.

Obviously the DLC shouldn't be "pay to progress" nor game-breaking....devs and pubs really need to keep that in check. 
To Summarise So Far... 
the non-Shambler replies in this thread have been:

1) A joke reply

2) "Errr...Quake I guess."

Sounds about right lol 
Hey I'm Trying. 
It vaguely interests me. If you so-called gamers can't be arsed, whatever. 
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