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DOOM2 SP: Withering Graves
Small level (roughly 10 mins) taking place within an old graveyard and mausoleum. Pay respects to the dead by laying them back to rest once more and tend to its grounds by clearing out all vermin making their new home here.

Screenshot Doomworld Thread
Download Withering Graves

Limit-Removing engine required
(ex: Either, ZDoom/QZDoom/Eternity/PrBoom+ etc)
Nice little map, sadly over so quickly.
Proper mid-modern style (if that's a thing) - advanced visuals but still just within classic confines. Your Blood roots show, one could say. Cute details, like the car with running engine and the roundish tomb stones.

Played on UV (I think), no problems there, except I died at the end... Didn't find the GA secret unfortunately. So, when are you going to release the follow-up tomb-and-beyond level? ;)

Demo (ZDoom) 
Can't say for certain, it'd be nice to round this project off with another two maps (as originally intended) but not promising anything. This one collected dust for several months before I decided to release it separately after all. All depends on my current interests and do have other projects taking priority. We'll see.

Cheers for playing and your feedback! 
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