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Remix, Remake And Something Else At ..::LvL
A strange mix of three at ..::LvL. sst13 has released a "Matrix" version of Q3DM6. Technically it is very impressive, gameplay is a little annoying. And we have a remake of ztn's Painkiller.

* Time To Kill The Pain by Obsessed
* The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition by sst13
* Desalination by AKUTA

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, ..::LvL is now only delivered over HTTPS / SSL / TLS (what ever you want to call it). This is due to the contemporary browsers complaining about the non encrypted HTTP version. All old links will still work, they will simply be redirected to the matching HTTPS version.
The matrix campgrounds doesnt seem all too appealing. Also the remake of painkiller looks larger scale than the original. Not sure that's better. 
Re: Time To Kill The Pain 
I absolutely love any map that captures the Quake 2 feel. This is a real winner in my book. 
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