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FTEQW Emscripten: Websocket Fragging?
Does anyone know if the emscripten FTEQW port supports multiplayer? How does the whole thing work? Websockets? WebRTC?

I wanted to build it and host it on S3 so i can play with friend without having to share different files for different platforms.

Edit: Move to GA or suitable port/engine thread.
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So what web browser is your S3 server running?

Perhaps your S3 server is running Google Chrome?

Why not call Amazon and ask them what web browser your S3 server is running?

If the guy on the phone refuses to answer the question demand to speak to a supervisor.

It would give both the guy on the phone and his supervisor a really great story to tell their friends. 
What does a web browser have to do with S3? 
Web+anything Else=sandboxing Nightmare 
a regular dedicated server with sv_port_tcp 8080
in the clients: connect ws://serverip:8080
is the theory. you should also be able to include that line in your associated fmf file that says where to get the game data from.
there's some cross origin request issues that I don't remember how to deal with, browsers shouldn't care, but...
its been a while since I even tried to test its networking. its probably screwed.

fte's qtv proxy (ie: not eztv) was also meant to support websocket connections, including proxying them too. it should be possible to connect to any server with it, but doing so is just too messy for most people.

there's no webrtc support. it was fairly new at the time and I never really got around to it. either way iiuc it would still not work with existing public servers and still require a special broker service etc.

you're still better off with a native port... for higer framerates, saved games, saved configs, actual udp connectons, etc.
native builds also have less issues with large memory allocations, while eg firefox will need to be restarted after a few page loads.
so yeah, I wish I could support this stuff properly...

@baker, browsers on servers? why?... 
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