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New Hexen II Mod - Shadows Of Chaos - Demo Release

Shadows of Chaos is a mini mission pack for hexen 2 with a host of new additions

-New backstory
-New enemies from other series games
-BSP2 sized maps (special thanks to spike for adding bsp2 to hammer of thyrion)
-New character abilities and lite rpg elements based on the additions from the Game of Tomes mod by peweeRotA
-Mix of hexen 1/2 with doom/quake style gameplay

3 level demo download:


This looks top notch! 
#1 Was Posted From A TOR Exit Node By The Way 
just letting you know 
TOR Exit Node? 
This comes across as a possible warning? What does it mean/imply? 
It Means Whoever Posted It 
is deliberately hiding their identity. 
Does this require a specific source port or does it include one? A little behind on Hexen 2 these days. At work so cannot d/l readme. 
It Comes With One 
Spike modified HoT to support bsp2, so you need to use the one bundled 
Ilove It 
It is awesome! The alt fires are great,maps are great,I love it!

TOR basically hides your identity. 
So anybody else tried this ? 
I Played It A Little 
Seems way harder than normal hexen. 
In preparation for the upcoming Quakecast interview with Bloodshot I played this through today.

Was really fun and I highly recommend any Hexen2 fans give it a play thru. Nice levels. I did play on easy and the end fight is pretty challenging but still a great mod for the game. 
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