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Server Upgrade On June 4th
This is just a notice that SleepwalkR is going to be doing a server upgrade in a few days. According to him, "the upgrade will take place on June 4th and the websites will be restored in the following days."

So go ahead and keep using the site as long as it is still up, when it goes down then you know the upgrade has started. Then you can obsessively hit F5 until it's back!
Cool Stuff 
good job guys, keep it on. 
Sounds Good 
Thanks for letting us know! 
Big Changes? 
Every emoticon will be replaced with a penis emote and all text will be converted to an ascii penis. 
No Changes For Func 
We are upgrading the OS, not the forum software. The server is running on a very old version of Ubuntu and needs to get with the times. 
yeah, we were already running the latest version of the func_msgboard software :) 
Is This Why Quaketastic Is Down? 
All Done 
Still No Mark All Threads Off !? 
Still no fucking button to mark off all threads.

I frenetically clicked my update button in my browser, just to get this ? What gives !? 
you think that upgrading ubuntu is going to magically add features to the forum? 
Always happy to disappoint you Barnak ;-) 
That Went Smoothly... 
...well done gents. 
Was There Any Reason For The Update? 
There's no reason for anyone to hack this page, so it's not for safety. Performance wasn't an issue on func either. Was the update for the sake of having the newest version? 
Malicious Hacking Does Not Require A Reason 
Besides the fact that having an up to date OS is pretty much mandatory these days, there is probably other stuff running on this server. 
It Was Running On Ubuntu 12 
Which was out of support since the beginning of the year, so no more security updates. 
We traded links for emoji 😢 
fixed links.👍 
Dafuq Emojis?! 
They should be disabled For Greater Justice (tm)!

Also, it would seem logging/displaying the IP addresses violates EU/German data privacy laws!? 
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