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D2SP: Tainted Waters
The first DOOM 2 map from our own scar3crow.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Cool Map, Scar3crow! 
This is a fine map with a cool non-linear layout. Some bits reminded me of American McGee's work in Doom 2. Gameplay was fine for the most part. If you like, you can post the map on Doomworld to get some more in depth feedback on your map and how you can improve as a mapper. 
Thanks Breezeep. It has been submitted to the incoming folder for /newstuff consideration, just replied to the confirmation email.

Yeah, map05 by McGee was a big motivator here, and it grew from that. I am proud of the layout, as it can play out in a few different ways depending on your approach. I made a point of expanding paths as you progress which are a factor in active monster roaming. I have a lot more to learn just from a technical perspective, as well as from the perspective of mapping as an art itself. But making this was more fun than playing most games, so I think I will keep at it. 
That's Fine. 
But to be honest, I would have posted a thread for your map on the forums before uploading the map to Idgames. That way, you can get the feedback you need to ensure your map has the least issues when uploading it to the archives. 
Cool Map 
I liked the layout, proportions, level of detail, enemy density and environmental variety. It was very easy to read, navigate and zoom through. It wasn't particularly challenging, but still quite fun.

A few critiques: I didn't see the red key when I first entered the red key room and had to look around for a minute because the arachnotron died directly on top of it, obscuring it from view.

The final battle was a bit odd. The unit combo is typically on the more annoying side rather than challenging/fun, though in this case you have the high ground and a tight choke, which I think ended up being too much of an advantage. Due to this, I felt the final battle just kind of fell flat and was the weakest engagement of the map.

There's also some weird texture alignment with the big bricks (the brown halls and gray outside structure). They're offset by like 4 units, just a small nudge and they would be aligned perfectly with the geometry.

7.5/10 - Fun layout that feels good to play, though it could use just a bit of polish in some places. 
Breezeep - Alrighty, I don't really know the rhythms of the community, my only involvement is chatting with Mechadon on Twitter, and scoping out the Cacowards each year.

killpixel - Good point on the red key and arachnotron, it could've perhaps been on a short pedestal with a distinct texture. The final battle is meant to be a theme conveyance, as you descend you are encountering much more distinctly hellish things. On easier difficulties one of them is missing, or both of them are absent, depending. It probably would've been better to just leave them out.

All of the alignment was by hand, and, I had a rather difficult time with it (not being able to align a bottom sidedef without misaligning a top sidedef, for example), and for 75% of the mapping time, I was aligning them through guesstimating numbers in the Sidedef tab, not being aware of using the arrow keys in the 3d view...

I hemmed and hawed on difficulty, and ultimately added a bit more ammo and health. Some people still seemed to struggle, which is a bit tough as everyone defaults to just playing Doom on UV, and I don't know where I fall in the spectrum of single player skill, plus the complicating factor of prescience...

Almost all of the polish you do see here, in the form of trim, lights, sector effects, rock formations, came at the very end. I think a lot of that comes down to simply honing the craft, combined with my fear of not releasing. If I didn't release now, I'd once again drag something I was working on out, for longer and longer. Good is the enemy of great, and perfect is the enemy of good, and I'm not yet good enough to be great. 
perfect is the enemy of good

I'm gonna put this little nugget of wisdom in my pocket to save for later.

It probably would've been better to just leave them out.

Eh, I think it could be a cool encounter in the appropriate space.

Anyway, I'm glad you released the map. As I said, I enjoyed playing it (actually played it twice). 
Not Bad 
I felt like I had to play the map in a specific way to win. You really do have to jump in the bottom pit at the beginning to get all the good loot to set yourself up. If you ignore it and play the map the "normal" route then you're having a harder time. 
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