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What Would Quake Jam Taste Like...?
I think it would be like a mix between something rich in iron with a hint of candy sour.

As for Quake 2 jam, I think it would taste more earthy and neutral, perhaps like ground licorice root, but towards the consistency of peanut butter.
Taste Of Iron Rust And Sulfur Powder, Diluted Into Hot Acid. 
Cranberry Rhubarb Boisonberry 
With a dash of cinnamon. Lather over rye bread. Eat. Repeat. 
maybe later this year? during winter? 
Blood Sweat And Tears 
and some menstruum. we are diverse, u know?!!? 
grunt grenedin 
OK, Madfox Wins! 
The double meaning of "grenade" is so fitting! 
play the map! 
Like Gummy Grape Tarbabies 
Nah, Better Stick With The Grenade Thing. 
BTW madfox, what map? You mean there's really a map called Grunt Grenadin? 
There Is.., 
although it is one of my start-to-get-it maps with an over coloured light and a bad brush in the end. Good to read the comments here
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