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Prototype Texture Pack For Quake
This WAD contains 125 varied textures, excellent for blocking out map geometry.
It contains all necessary textures to build functional test map.

You'll find screenshots and download link below:

I would like to expand this WAD with new useful textures,
so I'm open to suggestions.

Have fun!
I Can See It Now... 
The "Prototype WAD" mapjam, coming next :-P 
I doubt it, but it will help to test your ideas during future jams :) 
Never Underestimate Quake Mappers! 
Case in point:

Nice .wad file btw. 
What's The Point Of 
using provisional textures to build a map instead of regular ones?

@whiteroom: Yeah, I loved this map! It's one of my inspirations for my ZinCity project, besides the noir jam and of course Frank Miller's Sin City. 
It's a nice WAD if:
- you want prototype some topology and focus on geometry;
- you want test some concepts with proper space awareness. These textures are good to measure distances you need in your map;
- you didn't decided yet what texture you want to use in some part of your map, room or on a button etc.
- you are a noob and didn't figure out texture sets yet, but you want to experiment with stuff.

It's not an obligatory WAD, if you don't want to use it, you just don't use it :) 
i made two or three textures in some editor and i gave up. thanks..

Ah, I See. K Thanks! 
This is great. Your sky cracks me up. Also the smiley and music notes are funny.

Yes we definitely need a prototype jam now. 
Nice WAD 
Has anyone ever made a WAD that's like the Hammer editor textures? i.e. has the texture size printed on it, so that you can see exactly how much space you're taking up with a brush without having to count squares?

One thing I often struggle with when prototyping maps is keeping my brushes in nice sizes to fit textures... 
Texture Scales 
Different texture scales. Hammer defaults to a scale of 0.25. Quake uses 1.0. This means that hammer says sixty-four while in Quake it would say SIX on one texture, TY- on another and FOU on another and...ok that's a slight exaggeration. Quake uses 64x64 on 80% of its textures while source games typically use 512x512. Scale the 512x512 down by 0.25 and you have essentially a texel density of 1:2048 while Quake is typically...1:1.

So, you could try. 
Dang It 
1:4 for Source game texel density. Argh maths in the morn. 
Ugh Ugh 
What I mean is that the same space in a Source game has 2048 pixels in it while Quake only has 64. That's what I meam by texel density. Quake was made to accomodate 320x200 resolution while Source was made to accomodate 1920x1080 or higher. 
Yes I have one that I created with 128, 64, 48 (for switches), 32, 16 as well as others like doors and windows. I need to fix a couple of things and can share in the next few days. The wad is not as polished as Khrethor's but you can combine the two. I've used them in my maps a lot. 
I was having a hell of a time with measuring out and prototyping an idea I have had. This will help. 
Virus Alert! 
My browser doesn't let me download pack, because alleged virus. 
I just downloaded and checked this zip with Bitdefender again and it's clean.
I guess you get "Malicious file" warning from Chrome.
It usually happens for files that:
1) are downloaded rarely;
2) are downloaded from website that is not often visited;

Alternatively you can get it from here: 
Thanks For The Clarification. 
Yep! Thank You! 
Good to here, that there is alternative download option. I personally use Opera as primary browser. 
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