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Long Time Between ..::LvL Updates
Been a while but here is a ..::LvL update. This bunch of four clears the current map queue. In the last 17+ years, that is a first for ..::LvL.

* Running Man by AKUTA
* Lighttower and Lighttower_V2 by Martinus
* Nijoo CTF Base by Gazerbeam
* Water001 by Zangief

Videos and panoramas for all.

No idea when the next update will be. Hopefully a few maps will be submitted soon.
Q3 Is Dead Game ! 
Re: Q3 Dead 
Fuck that. I still fire that game up often happy to see people still making maps for it. 
Thank You 
Appreciate the updates as always! 
All These Years And LvL Is Still Around! 
Can Merge Author... 
Quakeulf or Hrewty - I can merge both of those author names if you like. Simply pick one and I'll change the other. 
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