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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!

Feature list:

Download v. 0.40, 395mb (OLD VERSION)

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Oh and it uses shells. Kinda wierd but I suppose it makes sense (maybe??) since cells are so rare. 
Added in remaining AD 1.7 features, including the mapvar system. Had to consolidate the parms with some trickery bits magic but managed to fit all the special storage of data in the 16 parms.
Adding deathstrings to all enemies, e.g. " was blown away by a Wind Baron\n", or " was electrified by an Eel\n".
Version 0.50 to be released soon... tidying up the fgd and making sure most things refer to the correct models for display in-editor. Been busy testing a lot so several bugs have been squashed. Still, after reorganizing the .mdl folder I'm leary I've missed adding in the new folder path in some precache calls. 
Oh and I also added worldspawn values for giving the player a set amount of bolts, poison bolts, lava nails, multi-rockets, and plasma in addition to all the normal ammo...not that it will get used much but that's up to you mappers, not me. 
Version 0.50

There are a few known bugs with some corpses not gibbing by the shadowaxe but the are minimal compared to the ones I fixed. Please test and let me know if there are problems: 
Progress For The Eventual V0.60... 
Fixed centroid strafing bug when dodging nails causing it to get stuck jittering back and forth
Fixed bug with earthquake, point entity, ya poorly named...
Renamed earthquake (from rogue) to info_earthquake
Fixed bug where dead monsters would jump on trigger_monsterjump's
Fixed bug with monster_wraith that prevented setting minion_maxcount on scorpion spawning wraiths
Added spawnflag for monster_wraith to have it ONLY use the spike attack when not using minions
Fixed bug where func_togglewall sometimes failed to work at all due to wierd origin setting, changed to setmodel to "" and back.
Added ability to use lava nails on monster_scourge
Fixed bug where monster_ogre_flak that used lava nails dropped regular nails in backpack
Fixed bug where lava nailgun or supernailgun would not switch to unless you had nailgun as well

Still haven't figured out the func_particlefield thing. I need to trace down the func_oncount/func_counter entities from hipnotic...might be something screwy with those not firing but even still if I fire the particle field manually with a trigger it only spawns particles along a 16x16x256 unit size beam instead of the brush.

I haven't forgotten about PerQuake or the air fist. 
I think this is a fantastic idea, so mappers can combine elements from here and there to make a wider variety of maps without being limited to the one mod pack, just as you said in your mission statement!

Awesome. :)

Definitely keen to try my hand at another map some time, using this mod.

When would you recommend jumping in to do that?

Is v.40 a reasonable version to use for a map?

Or better to wait for v1.0?

Any overall idea of timelines for reaching 1.0?

All the best! 
Chainsaw from Zerstorer (also present in Drake) is missing: it was done on purpose or it will be added in a future version? 
You should also look through the madfox maps, there are some good monsters there. 
If I can suggest some monsters:

- Blud (AoP first boss)
- Juggernaught (AoP and Travail)
- Legond (AoP final boss)
- Sha'vile (Shambler variant similar to Doom Archvile, present in Soe/Drake)
- Uberscrag (Travail boss)
- Vomitus (Scrapped Q1 monsters, present in Nehahra and in Drake with a different color) 
Qmaster, when you merged the monsters from different mods together, did you have to do anything to get the infighting working properly? Like define targets Madfox and I are trying to resolve an issue with the Chasm mod where the enforcer does not retaliate against certain chasm monsters. The thread is here:

Can you offer any advice for this issue? Thanks 
Can A Mod Update The OP 
With the link from #256 please? It's causing some confusion out in the wild.

It's this one: 
updated the OP.

I'm confused because the original version was 4.0 and the new version is 0.5 -- seems like the numbers should go up not down. 
I think "4.0" was a typo. That file says it is version 0.4. 
okay updated to fix the typo 
I have a lot of work and polish to do still. I've been busy finishing Citadel first, but this will see a lot of work very soon. Especially since .....well, I can't say yet. Tis secret. 
Hey Qmaster, when you resume working on Keep Mod, can you import in Madfox's chasm monsters. See if the mong with infight normally with your other monsters. Maybe you can discover the source of that infight bug 
I think it is better to wait untill I finished the dev_kit chasm_qc. Xaeg has made a .fgd file already, while it is still full of untweaked ends. 
Well, I think you will finish before citadel anyway 
Progress Note 
Lots of progress has been going on behind the scenes.

Added numerous madfox creations (ongoing), extras_r5, Quake 1.5 monsters and bosses, numerous additions by myself, full AD 1.8 patched features, special csqc HUD support (ongoing), numerous requests made on here/discord/elsewhere, etc. etc.

Keep will only be fully supported on the following engines going forward (at least as it stands currently): QSS, FTE. Standard engines will mostly work but have broken features as HUD will be incorrect, intermission display will be incomplete, and some items won't save across levels since other engines don't save more than 16 save variables (parms), at least as of time of writing.

Internal version is at v0.91. Previous public beta was v0.56, 5 internal releases ago. Internal = with special project team only.

Github repo is up, though currently private until special project is released. Readme Tome hosted on github, mostly so I have gif support. All planned to be available at v1.00 release coinciding with special project's release. Can't share much more yet.

The work continues. 
Not sure if these are planned to be implemented but I think the way copper changes the standard weapons (faster ROF on NG, larger spread on SNG) was a welcome addition. 
Qmaster, you said numerous madfox creations are being added to Keep, are those the chasm monsters? 
Worldspawn will have 'copperoptions' which will behave like spawnflags in that a map can elect to turn on all or just some of the copper features. A certain project may very well be using all of them.

As for madfox creations, all of the non-Chasm ones are or will be included...including new ones not yet in the wild. Chasm mod ones likely to be in a post 1.00 version later.

Monster infighting/AI:
Keep has a custom AI system for all monsters that allows for many ideas (like friendly monsters) from other mods to be possible while defaulting to the vanilla Quake we know and love. When I do get around to adding Chasm enemies, they will be made to use the same system. Likely the issues yhe1 and madfox have ran into are due to not setting classname properly. Keep gets around this by checking classtype using AD's class system...among other things.

Still working on it, but all bosses will be able to be used like a normal monster without any custom setup required, but still have support for special setups. Just drop em in and go. Or even have them patrolling. Did you know some bosses can walk, but their walk never got used? 
oh That reminds me, don't forget the Killable Conthon from beyond belief, and the slime version from Koohoo 
AD already had those. Already included both. 
Cool Mod, Can't Find .fgd 
Where is the .fgd for this mod, though? Can't seem to find it in any of the directories for the life of me. Very interesting tho!

Playthrough of the 'Crypt' Hub: 
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