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Pets In Quake 1
There's an old Mod that adds a space-marine bot in any map, to assist the player in his map exploration (Zeus bot ?). It could be cool to have something similar with any monster in Quake, that gives the player the ability to create one (or several) pet monster, that would follow him constantly as a companion pet.

The unpredictable reactions from the normal monsters would be hilarious, especially in maps like the Forgotten Sepulcher.

If the pet dies, it would teleport to some new location in the map (the starting place ?) and tries to find back his master. The player may have to help his pet to find his way. The pet could also simply die without be reborn elsewhere, depending on the mod configuration and options (Aaargh ! Fuck you scrags, you killed my pet, damn you ! Die !).

It would be awesome to be followed by a horde of dozens of interpid vorelings pets, that would act as a bunch of mosquitos harrasing the monsters !

Another way to create a pet : During his journey through the Quake Multiverse, the space-marine could have found a way to domesticate the monsters. Find one you like, don't shoot at him, and give him some food (by killing another monster in his vicinity ?). The monster may then become "domesticated" as a pet, until you harm the pet.

That feature would add an unique replayability to any Quake map. Maybe some modification of the Zeus bot could do it ? Or something similar to the Quake3 bots ?

Want a shambler as a companion pet ? Or a zombie lagging far away behind ?

What do you think ?
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I suggest that you extract your pet structure from your mod to make a small independant mod. P-p-p-p-please !? 
Pets Working ! 
Qmaster, I tried your test map and it's working. These vorelings should be stronger, though, since they die too easily.

Also, there are walking too slowly, in a jerking way. They're not behaving the usual way (for pesky and agressive vorelings).

If you teach me the Quake programming, I could help you with this. This is potentially too awesome to miss this feature (I mean vorelings pets in Forgotten Sepulcher and other maps/mods...).

Also, I have several cool ideas about their behavior. Ultimately, the voreling pets could eat the monster's debries on the ground to get stronger, and I even see/ear them burping and farting around, leaving some shit trail on the floor ! ;-)

They should be fast running and jumping around, a bit hard to control like wild and curious cats not exactly obeying their master. They should have a mind of their own, if you see what I mean.

I'm interested to join as a programmer/designer, if someone has the patience to show me how to model and program for Quake (I really don't know where to start this stuff !).

I know Celestia, LaTeX and Mathematica programming, as a reference (for what it's worth, in Quake !). I even know how to use a 3D modeler on Mac OS X, if it could be usefull. 
Haha, ya you can set custom health on your pets. The map setup is simple enough:
• monster_ of your choice with Delay spawnflag set
• item_artifact_horn targetting the monster

Target as many or as few monsters as you want.

Separating it out as a separate minimod is difficult since it needs checks within ai_stand, ai_walk, and ai_run which makes it intertwined in a way that is difficult to separate.

Sepulchre pets: doable through save hacking to change a powerup into an item_artifact_horn that targets monsters with Delay set and running with the keep mod. Alternatively you could recompile after adding it into the .map in an editor of your choice. 
Adding To Your Existing Projects 
You should be able to run almost anything in the Keep mod, so any of your current mapping prijects could be ran inside Keep. 
almost anything
Including maps made for other mods (AD, Quoth, etc...)? 
Hmmm... Interesting 
Next question in your own thread - it's a bit of a lot of completely OT for this one. 
No Every Thread Must Be About Keep The Biggest Mod Ever 
Go Fuck Yourself Anon 
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