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Pets In Quake 1
There's an old Mod that adds a space-marine bot in any map, to assist the player in his map exploration (Zeus bot ?). It could be cool to have something similar with any monster in Quake, that gives the player the ability to create one (or several) pet monster, that would follow him constantly as a companion pet.

The unpredictable reactions from the normal monsters would be hilarious, especially in maps like the Forgotten Sepulcher.

If the pet dies, it would teleport to some new location in the map (the starting place ?) and tries to find back his master. The player may have to help his pet to find his way. The pet could also simply die without be reborn elsewhere, depending on the mod configuration and options (Aaargh ! Fuck you scrags, you killed my pet, damn you ! Die !).

It would be awesome to be followed by a horde of dozens of interpid vorelings pets, that would act as a bunch of mosquitos harrasing the monsters !

Another way to create a pet : During his journey through the Quake Multiverse, the space-marine could have found a way to domesticate the monsters. Find one you like, don't shoot at him, and give him some food (by killing another monster in his vicinity ?). The monster may then become "domesticated" as a pet, until you harm the pet.

That feature would add an unique replayability to any Quake map. Maybe some modification of the Zeus bot could do it ? Or something similar to the Quake3 bots ?

Want a shambler as a companion pet ? Or a zombie lagging far away behind ?

What do you think ?
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Barnak, the 1st Mission Pack did that already with the Horn of Conjouring. It spawns a random monster to follow you. Once it dies it doesn't come back.

In my uber mod I've added it. I could give the mapper the option to pick the monster type and also add info_horn_destinations along with a respawn count. 
can this be extracted to make a stand alone mod ?

Link to your uber mod ?

More details, please. Seems to be interesting. 
Uber Mod (The Keep Mod) 
Not yet released. Plan to do so this week sometime...spotty wifi here where I'm on vacation but hopefully get a good signal day to upload it. 
You said that a pet feature would be in your mod ? How will it work ? And would I be able to use a pet monster in any map from my installation ? How ? 
Place the Horn of Conjouring as desired.

Player touches horn powerup and horn sound is played.

Random or specific monster spawns as pet.

Pets have glowing effect to indicate friendliness. (I might replace with particle effect.)

Pets follow player and attack other monsters.

Pets are loyal to the point of letting you kill them. 
Make it so Voreling can mature into a vore if you can keep them alive 
There is also a fiend boss with a shield in one of Kona's old mods, you may want to collect it. 
Idea About Pets In Quake 
I think this is a cool idea :

You play a map the normal way, without a pet. Once you're almost done with the map (and killed most monsters), and are about to enter the last slipgate, a pet is surprisingly teleporting at the opposite side of the map (the start place or a random location). A message says your friend is waiting for you before you enter the slipgate, so you have a new exploration mission :

To find your pet (which may or may not be moving around, trying to find you), and help him to find the last slipgate. New monsters could be spawning in the way (or maybe not, depending on the mod configuration/options), so you'll have to protect your pet (which may also be helping you).

This way, the map has a "second life" for exploration. This would be extremelly cool for maps like the Forgotten Sepulcher. Such large maps feel very "empty" and lonely once you killed most monsters and found most secrets. Having a pet as a companion to explore and to help find his way could be great.

The pet may be triggered automatically on some maps designed for it, of may be triggered by the player himslef (using some pet commands in the console). Several pets at once (maybe located at various locations) could also be a cool game style, with some twists and constraints. You then have to unite all your pets together before entering the last slipgate.

This may lead to a whole new playstyle in Quake, especially on large modern maps, and would add much more replay values to any map.

I imagine the pets with some weird (twisted?) and unpredictable behaviors : like a funky and curious bird that have his own attitude, despite his loyalty to you. This may be very difficult to program, though. 
The Pet Cuteness... 
I also imagine the pets as a kind of cute and small animals (Quake style, though). I think the vorelings (and maybe the scrags) are perfect to be pets.

The little pesky vorelings have a strong attitude. They would look totally awesome (i.e hilarious) if the pet version was showing some little red hearts flowing out gently of their "head/mouth", a bit like the pixelized flames in AD.

(dammit, can't fix the typos in my last message. Sorry about my bad English!) 
Sounds Good Barnak 
Now go map it.

@Yhe1: I'll have to take a look at his Carved in Flesh release. Hadn't heard of that one before. 
Pets Exist - Cujo 
#3: yes, Cujo is the pet. As far as I remember it appears in a mod called Killer Quake (, with tons of cool weapons. :D 
Cujo ? 
Is it possible to extract the Cujo pet from that mod and make some new pets ? 
Great Ideas Barnak 
Looking forward to what you come up with your pet idea. 
Well, I am not sure whether the source code is available, but you may ask directly to Howard Roy (the pack owner): you can find his email address (if still valid) in readme file from the pack archive you can still download.
Sor far the pack contains some .pak files, hence I guess it contains some mdl and/or qc file you may be able to use with some authorization (ask Howard) 
Download Ling KQP 2.2 
Cujo In AD1.6 
Weird ! I loaded Cujo in the AD start map as a first test. It's working but the mod is interfering in some way with AD. I'm not sure my starting commands are good :

-hipnotic -game ad1.6 -game cujo

Also, cujo is a puppy (a white cow style dog). It's barfing constantly, and his head is as ugly as my butt. See by yourself (cujo, not my butt, or you'll have real nightmares tonight !) :

It would be furiously hilarious if cujo was a voreling instead. 
-game ad1.6 -game cujo

Doing this will only overwrite the AD progs with the Cujo progs, it won't magically combine them. 
Then What ? 
How to combine properly both mods ? 
And I will do it for you. 
Knowing Barnak we will end with a Dick pet, penetrating anuses of monsters.
Imagine shambler's death sound when his ass is plugged with a pet dick. 
Cujo = White PitBull 
.. so it is obviously ugly 
There Is A Dragon Pet 
from one of the tronyn's mods(iirc), it was called Draco or something 
Run the keep beta mod with -game keep +map asset_library, get the horn near the start and run around with your voreling pets killing knights. 
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